Can you breed Mules?

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Many people raise and breed donkeys with good confirmation and bloodlines so that they sell the animals for working or showing. You can learn how to breed donkeys by ... - Read more

If you are interested in breeding your mare to a jack in the hopes of getting a baby mule, let me give you some helpful information ... Mules can only breed in very ... - Read more

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The Donkey Archives: Why can't mules breed?

Why can't mules breed? I understand that a horse and a donkey make a mule but why can't 2 mules have a baby mule? -A middle school student from Michigan

MULES * Breed Better than horses - YouTube

MULES * Breed Better than horses JCVdude. ... 1:43 Is There an App That Tells You Where Traffic Accidents Are? : Mobile Apps by expertvillage 5,542 views;

Mules: breeding mules, male donkey, female donkey

Mules /breeding mules. Advertisement. ... My question is can one mule breed with another mule? In the information you say something about a Jack,what is a jack?

Can mules breed to other animals? | Answerbag

Can mules breed to other animals? Mules are usually sterile, end of the road breeders. However a rare few who can reproduce when bred they simply have a ...

Mule Breed | The Trail Rider

Mule Breed Mules are ... "A mule will never do anything deliberately to hurt themselves, so if you can establish this kind of rapport with them, you are totally safe.


CANARY X CROSSBILL. Another really nice colorful mule that has size and colour again as with the rest easier bred the other way round not easy to breed.


Gaited Mule Breed | The Trail Rider

Gaited Mule Breed Riding a gaited mule is like having a Jeep in the mountains and a Cadillac on the straightaway. A well-trained gaited mule can tackle the most ...

Mule - Minecraft Wiki

Mules are passive mobs that were introduced to Minecraft in Update 1.6. Mules ... In order to breed a mule, you must have ... a mule can be bred with a fast ...

How Do You Breed A Mule On Minecraft - ...

How Do You Breed A Mule On Minecraft - Click the search results below to download the most relevant files for How Do You Breed A Mule On Minecraft from mediafire.

Draft Mule | The Farm At Walnut Creek Ohio

The Farm at Walnut Creek is a working Amish farm that gives you the opportunity to experience farm animals up close like the Draft Mule.

Mules - Breed Donkey Jack and Mare Horse - Meet Carol-Anne ...

Mules - Breed Donkey Jack and Mare Horse - Meet Carol-Anne! JCVdude. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 35,171. Subscription preferences ... 22:07 Are You A ...

Mules: gaited mules, gaited horse breeds, mule foals

gaited horse breeds, mule foals, gaited mules: There are a number of gaited horse breeds which you can use. It depends on what kind of gait you want your mule to have.

You Breed Miniature Mules (father Is A Miniature ...

You breed miniature mules (father is a miniature donkey, mother is a miniature horse) and currently have as breeding stock 1 jack (male donkey) and 7 mares (female ...

Mule? - The Horse Forum

Mule? This is a discussion on Mule? within the Horse Breeds forums, part of the Horse Breeds, Breeding, and Genetics category

Can you breed Cresselia? - Pokemon Platinum Version ...

For Pokemon Platinum Version on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can you breed Cresselia?".

MULES * Breed Better than horses - YouRepeat

MULES * Breed Better than horses. Choose your time range using the slider. Start: End: Loops: Share. Use this link to share your repeat. GIF Creation Settings. Title ...

About mules - Canadian Donkey & Mule Association

Mules are a "made-to-order" breed of livestock. These fine animals can carry you safely on a trail, pack in the high country, ...

INFO - Windy Hill Mule Farm

Like to know more about the MULE breed? You can look up almost anything you want to know online. Here are a few sites that are very informative.

Mules Breed Description - The Furry Critter Network

Mules Breed Description, Detailed Information and Pictures, Mules - The Furry Critter Network

Horses and Mules - Algeria

This might sound ridicilous folks but can someone shed some light about a question I always had: "only horses can breed, mules can't... Why?; how

How To Tame A Horse And Breed A Mule In Minecraft

Horse - minecraft wiki, Taming. horses, donkeys, and mules can be tamed; ... Breeding. in order to breed a mule, you must have a donkey and a horse of any kind. to ...

What is a Mule? - Love Longears

What Can you Do w /Longears? Clubs and ... You can't show an intact male mule, ... The Poitou donkey was used exclusively for breeding huge draft mules from a breed ...

Horse - Minecraft Wiki

A plain buckskin horse is currently unable to be spawned/bred in Minecraft 1.7.9 ... be equipped with chests. Mules cannot breed. ... You can use any item ...