Did saskue die?

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just my own naruto movie about sasuke leaving. tell me if you could see this at the start of a naruto shippuden show! - Read more

When did sasuke get the sharingan? So me and a friend of mine were wondering when sasuke got his sharingan I said he got it durring the uchiha massacre - Read more

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yeah he die beacuse itachi let sasuke kill him Both of them were weaken and had no more Chakra, Sasuke manage to form a small chidori with no power as he jump down to ...

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So just to summarize, Sasuke may die because: 1. ... Did Hiei die? Did Shadow die? no. 08-18-2009, 02:06 PM #16: Jedishinobi. Doesn't ...

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Sasuke Spielen - Didi Spiele / didigames.com: Kostenlose Online-Spiele für Mädchen

did sasuke die? - Naruto Discussion Forum

The Naruto Discussion Forum > Naruto Character Talk ... i keep hearing rumors he's dead, is this true? ... no but a lot of people want him dead ... ohhh, thanks pie

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Does sasuke die on naruto shippuden? i have my own ideas but would like to know what you all have to ... Buttt, if he did die --which he WONT-- then I'm sure there ...

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How did Sakura have the chakra to travel through Kaguya's dimensions, ... How does sasuke die? Edit History; Rename; Comments 0. 8,003 Questions on this wiki. He isn ...


Sasuke will die - Naruto Shippuden

He wont but id laugh if he did : 07-20-2013, 01:31 AM #9. Domo Genesis. Guest Re: Sasuke will die He's ... Sasuke will die I'd like Sasuke to die.

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While Sasuke did retain his habit of underestimating his ... they will both die together. Sasuke then becomes angry and demands Naruto to answer why he cares ...

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Curious Animal/SASUKE 1 Finalist Clear (24.36 seconds left) 100 ... Cleared all three walls but did not cross the finish line in time. 91 Yamada Katsumi (32)

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SASUKE 3, official name: SASUKE1999春 (literally: ... Cleared all three walls but did not cross the finish line in time. 72 Miyazawa Haruhisa (30) House Painter

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Sasuke Must Die - trailer for the movie( note: this is not my video i did not create this). Watch Video about Naruto,Sasuke,Animation by Metacafe.com

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Sasuke Uchiha is the sole survivor of the legendary Uchiha Clan, ... Sasuke did as commanded and proceeded to the Uchiha hideout, where he confronts Itachi.