Do guys test girls?

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Girls, Why do you test guys? what is the need of knowing his breaking point? WHY? I am really curious to know the reason. - Read more

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Do guys like to test girls? I feel like I am being tested or something? Like this guy I know will ask me out then back out. He'll make plans with me then just back ...

Do guys test girls when they first start dating them??

if youre a guy, do you stop talking to your girlfriend for a while to test if shes clingy or is she really likes you. if you do test girls how are they suppo

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Do guys test girls? Girls have a lot of ways of testing a guy and the strength of a relationship, but do guys have test of their own that they run on girls?

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ok, so i wanted to know what guys like in a girl, just out of curiosity. (I've made a quiz like this before, and you people asked me what i am, i am a blonde

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Do girls test guys by not texting them for a while?

I just got this girl's phone number I work with yesterday, she's super cute and told me to text her. I said ok, told her to have a good night and then

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Question - (28 July 2012) 2 Answers - (Newest, 29 July 2012) A female age 22-25, anonymous writes:

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To test his interest, ... Be aware that some guys flirt with other girls to get your attention. ... and helps him know if you really do like him or not.

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