Do I have a mental illness?

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You do not necessarily have to disclose the nature of your illness, ... If your employer is not familiar with mental illness they may be nervous or begin to treat you ... - Read more

I'm confused. I think I have severe social phobia & low self esteem. I don't have any friends and hardly ever see my family. I am withdrawn from society overall. - Read more

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Bipolar disorder,Depression or just healthy? WARNING : Please don't take it too seriously

What Mental Illness do I Have?

What mental illness do I have? The following are some types of mental illness, whether you and I belong in it

Do I Have a Mental Illness? | Ask the Therapist

A. Over the Internet, I cannot tell you if you have a mental illness but I do have some advice.

Do I Have Mental Illness Too? | Ask the Therapist

I have a few family members with mental illnesses such as narcissistic personality disorder, bipolar, alcoholism, and arrested development and siblings ... The Do you have a mental illness Test

Take The Do you have a mental illness Test. It's free! Check out our free online dating quiz, psychology tests, IQ tests, and personality tests.

What to Do When Someone Tells You They Have a Mental Illness

It's hard to be told your loved one has a mental illness and there is no right way to handle it so what do you do if someone tells you they have a mental illness?


Do You Have Mental Illness? - Article by Dr. Carrie Jones

Do you fall in those numbers? Many associate mental illness with common conditions such as anxiety or depression, however there are other serious conditions such as ...

I think I have a mental illness: depression, anxiety ...

I have a mental health problem. ... Mark blogs about when to open up about your mental illness. I had planned in my mind to tell my two closest friends at the time.

What Families Can Do When a Child May Have a Mental Illness

[Download the NAMI fact sheet.] What Families Can Do When a Child May Have a Mental Illness. If you are worried about your child’s mental health, follow your instincts.

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Do You Have a Mental Illness? Do you ever wonder if your crazy, depressed, bipolar, etc.? Take this quiz to find out if you've gone bonkers! (Not actual medical advice)

I Have A Mental Illness (schizophrenia), How Does That ...

Answers to the question, I Have A Mental Illness (schizophrenia), How Does That Make You Feel? What Do You Believe Of This Illness? Answers to Questions from People ...

Do I Have Bipolar Disorder? - Causes & Symptoms

Do I Have Bipolar Disorder? ... If you answer yes to either of the first two rules of thumb and you have a family history of mental illness, ...

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How do I know if I have a mental illness? I don't remember names told to me even minutes back. I don't remember incidences... (continue) Might I have a mental illness?

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... it is possible for a person to have a disease without ... Mental disorders Mental illness is a ... YPLL measurements do not account for how disabled a ...

Do You Have A Mental Illness? -

1. Do you ever find a need for admiration, and or a need for entitlement?

Do I have a mental illness? - Seventeen

Do I have a mental illness? So sometimes I feel great and I just know everything is going to work out and I'm excited for my future. Then I'll wake up the next day ...

Mental Illness (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

One may even raise the question whether all other cultures even have a concept of mental illness ... mental illness” and “mental ... do match real ...

squeetus: What do writers and mental illness have in common?

When a writer needs help, what do fellow writers do? We write! (Let’s be honest, it’s all we know how to do. We literally have zero other skills.) Due to his ...

BBC Science - When does your mental health become a problem?

Myths such as assuming mental illness is somehow down to a 'personal weakness' still exist. How do we define mental ... mental illnesses can have ...

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I can't actually diagnose whether or not you have a particular mental illness, only risk factors and personality traits that are related to certain mental illnesses.

What kind of mental illness do I have? - mental health ...

I noticed there are many groups for each illness. So I thought of an idea to have a group where we can talk about many different mental illnesses, share ...

i think i have a mental illness, what do i do?

I think i might have a mental illness or personality disorder or something. I really struggle to form relationships, and in social situations i feel like i'm a burden ...