Do I have depression?

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Depression is one of today’s most common problems. Yet, many sufferers of depression don’t even know they’re depressed. A great many more depression sufferers ... - Read more

Question: Hello, I've read many of the posts here for a while, and wonder if I have clinical depression -- and if I do, what is it? Can it be cured without my being ... - Read more

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How Do I Know If I Have Depression?. According to The Mayo Clinic, depression is one of the most common worldwide medical problems. While the exact cause of ...

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Do I Have Depression? If you or someone you love is struggling with depression, you've probably got questions—lots of them. We’ve got answers.

Depression Test, Am I Depressed?

A test that scores you on six different types of depression, and provides background information on each of these types.

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Anonymous Depression Tests Online Can Help You Determine How Serious Your Depression Really Is; Are You Choosing a New Medication For Depression?

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I'm just really confused about if I do or don't have depression. My first boyfriend broke up with me over six months ago. During that time I became extreamly ...

How do I know if I have depression? - Depression Diagnosis ...

How do I know if I have depression? To know if you have depressions, answer this question along with others: Do you frequently feel sad, irritable, or quick to anger?


Do I Have Clinical Depression? - Depression

How to know if you may have to see a doctor to get evaluation and treatment for clinical depression.

Q: do i have depression or bipolar? - ...

do i have depression or bi polar? I know I have problems with anxiety, although i've never been diagnosed. However, I've been wondering about it all during ...

How do I know If I have Depression?

Information and Resource for all whose lives have been touched by depression. Learn about depression treatment, medications, symptoms and how to get help.

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WebMD experts and contributors provide answers to: how do i know if i have depression

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Manic depression information are readily available nowadays, online and offline. One can easily do his or her own research and get to know more about this common ...

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Topic Overview. Read the following information to help you decide whether you might have depression. It does not take the place of a doctor's diagnosis.

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Good morning, Over the past 7 months, I have felt like I have alot of cotton wool in my head, no creativity at university, sleep is great, I broke down emotionally ...

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aly. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety my whole life. I was even an anxious child and I think the depression came from the constant worrying.

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People with depression may wonder 'what kind of depression do I have?' Contrary to popular opinion, depression is a mental disorder that can come in a variety of ...

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Do I have depression is an important question to ponder. Ignoring the issue can increase the problem. As depression worsens, the more debilitating.

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I am really confused as to if I have depression or not, the following events and activities have persisted for a long time and now I think they have solidified into ...

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do i have depression Official Website : Just listen to these success stories that prove the Depression Free ...

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People tend use the term quite loosely. Depression to some can mean they are simply feeling sad or down, and may have been triggered by a solitary event that altered ...

do i have depression? - Psych Central

There's depression, which all of us experience sometimes....and then there's clinical depression....very serious, and sounds to me like this is what you have.

Do I Have Depression?-Topic Overview - WebMD

Read the following information to help you decide whether you might have depression. It does not take the place of a doctor's diagnosis. You may have major ...

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Do I Have Depression?. Psych Central. Retrieved on July 12, 2014, from

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A question that people commonly ask themselves is.. do I have depression?. The symptoms of depression are many and varied. Find out if you have depression.

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Information on Do I Have Depression. Includes topic overview and related information.