Do sharks lay eggs?

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Do megaladon sp? sharks give birth to live pups or do they lay eggs? | Megalodon sharks lay eggs. Thanks for asking AnswerParty! - Read more

Do sharks lay eggs? Here you can learn about ways sharks reproduce, including whether they lay eggs or give birth to live young. Read More. Do Sharks Lay Eggs? - Read more

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Shark Babies - Kidzone

SHARK BABIES. Baby sharks are called pups. Just like there are many types of sharks, there are also different ways that sharks come into this world.

OMGFact(s)Check - Sharks lay the biggest eggs in the world.

Sharks lay the biggest eggs in the world. False - the ostrich holds the title to laying the largest eggs of any living animal on the planet (there are extinct animals ...

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Do sharks lay eggs Most sharks give birth to live pups but there are a handful that deposit egg cases with the shark embryo inside. The case gets attached ...

Do Sharks Lay Eggs? - Animal

There are approximately 400 different species of sharks, of these 400 species about 40% of them lay eggs. All sharks mate through internal fertilization, d

Do Sharks Lay Eggs? - Marine Life

Bony fish and cartilaginous fish (i.e., sharks, skates, and rays) have different reproductive strategies. Bony fish tend to scatter large numbers of eggs ...

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Do sharks lay eggs or give birth to live young? | Trivia ...

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do sharks lay eggs or do they have baby sharks? – kgb ...

do sharks lay eggs or do they have baby sharks? The KGB Agent answer: There are sharks that lay eggs & those that give live birth to baby sharks.The ones with pups ...

Readers know some sharks do lay eggs -

Readers know some sharks do lay eggs. ... the spongehead cat shark, lays eggs. ... Sharks eggs come tucked inside brown leathery pouches called mermaid's purses.

AnswerParty | Do sharks give live birth or lay eggs that ...

Shark eggs are fertilized inside the female's body. Most sharks give birth to live young, but some release eggs that hatch later. More Info:

How Do Snakes Lay Eggs? | eHow

How Do Snakes Lay Eggs?. Not all snakes lay eggs--70% of them do, while the rest give live birth. Snakes that give birth to their young without laying eggs are called ...

Shark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Because sharks do not have rib cages, ... Some species are oviparous like most other fish, laying their eggs in the water. In most oviparous shark species, ...

Do whales lay eggs? - Newgrounds

Of course they do not lay eggs, ... not a whale. I don't think whales lay eggs, ... they do not lay eggs. It was probably a shark egg sac or something.

do cheetahs lay eggs - Evi - Evi | Ask me anything

do cheetahs lay eggs. No. cheetah. cheetah. cheetah, an atypical member of the cat family. wikipedia. Report Abuse. Rate this answer: Vote . or Vote .

How Do Sharks Breed? - Shark Facts and Information

How Do Sharks Breed? Navigation Menu. Home; Information; Species; Conservation; Humans; ... Sharks lay eggs. Viviparity Sharks have placental links with developing pups.

TIL Some sharks lay eggs - Imgur

TIL Some sharks lay eggs. by Rypley · 8 months ago. Sharks that lay eggs are called "oviparous" ... Skate (Ray) egg - Skates are the only Rays which lay eggs.

How Do Sharks Give Birth? - eHow | How to - Discover the ...

How Do Sharks Give Birth?. ... The female shark lays her eggs and the horned processes attach the eggs to a rock, reef or other marine structure.

Do Whales Lay Eggs? - Whale Facts

No, whales do not lay eggs. In fact whales are marine mammals, which means they share many of the same distinctive features as other mammalian species.

Sharks lay eggs?

Sharks lay eggs?. . irs u ts, attest'" ail'. 96 Ur war. Sharks give birth like a human, no egg.