Do snakes smell?

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Can Snakes Smell? They do not use the same type of olfactory organs that humans do. We smell by using our noses, while snakes use something completely different to ... - Read more

Do snakes smell bad? Like all pets, reptiles have their own distinct odor. Unless their cage is not cleaned regularly, snakes don't smell bad and most people can't ... - Read more

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Why do snakes have forked tongues and why do they flick them? Learn more on this Moment of Science.

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Unlike humans, who use their noses to smell the air and objects around them, snakes use their forked tongues in order to smell. By flicking their tongues, snakes are ...

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How Snakes Smell, How do snakes smell with their tongues?, This is how snakes smell, House of dead snakes in California uncovered after rancid smell noticed, Calamity ...

AnswerParty | Do all snakes have a smell?

Do all snakes have a smell? | It would seem that all snakes have scent glands that emit a musky odor. Snakes can even find their mate by the trail it leaves...

Do snakes really smell with their tongues? - Animal Smart

Snakes do use their tongues to smell! Snakes have nostrils, just like humans. But a snake’s tongue is also very important.

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Dr. Brady Barr explains to players in Animal Jam how snakes smell. Find more videos like this one and so much more at


Do Pet Snakes Smell? - Snippets

Snakes have dry, unscented skin. They will not smell, stink, or cause bad odors in your house. Their food might though - they generally eat rodents!

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How Do Snakes Behave?. There are approximately 2,700 different species of snakes in the world. Although different species of snakes have different characteristics ...

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Does a Copperhead snake put off an odor that smells like cucumber? Browse Crafts, Recipes, ... However they do excrete a smell when about to bite or really agitated.

Snakes smell like... [Archive] - Forums

Hey guys, Do cornsnakes smell a little like lilacs to anyone else? Err, I mean, not the tank, especially not when it's dirty, just the snakes themselves.

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Posts about snake odor written by odors. Pet odor control. Entries (RSS) ... Do the smell area test to see from how far can you smell the odor. 10 feet, ...

Does a snake have a sense of smell - You Ask Andy

Does a snake have a sense of smell. ... Some snakes seem to do most or all of their smelling with the tongue and the sensitive Jacobsonis organ in the mouth.

Video: How Do Snakes Sense Movement? | eHow UK

How Do Snakes Sense Movement?. Snakes identify movement by using three primary senses, which include the sense of touch, smell and heat, and by using their Jacobson's ...

smell of snakes [Archive] - AHA Forum - Arizona ...

Never smelled that to be true, yet I do not tend to get close enough for a good The only snakes that come to mind with a strong smell would be garters and ...

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This is a guide about getting rid of snakes. Snakes are a cause for alarm for many of us, particularly when startled by one. There are a variety of considerations and ...

Snakes smell like... - Forums

Hey guys, Do cornsnakes smell a little like lilacs to anyone else? Err, I mean, not the tank, especially not when it's dirty, just the snakes themselves.

Snakes « Big Animals

Snake Facts Snakes are long and they are cold-blooded meat-eaters. They are different from lizards because they do not have legs or eyelids or external ears….

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How do I get Rid of Snakes? (with pictures)

The best way to get rid of snakes is by calling in professionals. If you see a snake in your yard or house, you should never... | Do Snakes Have Noses?

College Kid: (after reading a book about a snake) So do you know how snakes smell? Kids: With their tongues!!! College Kid: Your right. Good job.