Ear stretching! HELP!?

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Ear stretching is a permanent body mod, ... It’s also good to rub olive oil into the lobe whilst the ear is healing after stretching as it helps aid the healing ... - Read more

My infected ears from stretching : i tried to go up a size to quickly and now my ears are infected dont be How to heal an infected stretched earby Ashia Ateyoface ... - Read more

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I need help with strecthing my left ear without gettin a blow out, Im having trouble with it :(

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Stretching, in the context of body piercing, is the deliberate expansion of a healed piercing for the purpose of wearing certain types of jewelry. Ear piercings are ...

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Ear Stretching Forums Topics Posts Last post; Ear Stretching Guide-Everything You Need to Know Are you new to ear stretching? This is the all out guide for beginners.

Ear stretching. help? - YouTube

my lobes are gettin thin what can i do to help them thicken up? Any infos great! Im not at 3/4 anymore I taped my way to 7/8 and my lobes dont look bad at all!

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ear stretching guide This is a complete guide to stretching your ears! If you’re new to this, please make sure you read everything. I know it’s a lot to take in ...


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How to Use Ear Stretchers. Ear stretchers are used to gradually increase the hole size in pierced ears. ... This will help make the stretching process easier. 5.

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Ear stretching is something you need to ... as these are well known for their skin re-generating properties and should help the ear to heal a lot ...

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How Does Stretching Help Health?. Anyone saying "ooh, my back" when lifting a heavy object knows very well that the bones of our bodies are held together with an ...

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Right, so heres the situation. I ve already stretched my ear once - i got to 6mm and didnt wait long enough before putting the ...

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Ear Stretching.. HELP Blowout - posted in supertrash: So somehow while stretching my ears from a 2gauge to a 0 i had a blowout... at the time I didnt know what it was ...

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We can supply a number of items for ear stretching, including ear expanders, ear gauges and ear stretchers.

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Stretching crescents are ear stretching tools that have a crescent shape. They have tapered ends that allow you to slide them gradually into your piercing, thereby ...

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This is a section of my blog of ear-stretching videos, ... I go through methods on how to help blow outs and do them myself to show people how to help ... Ear -Gauges ...

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Ear stretching information how to stretch your ears Arka Ear Stretching Information, stretching kits, how to stretch your ears. BPA Stretching aftercare solution ...

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King's Body Jewelry Ear Stretching Guide. Welcome Guest Login; Register; My Account; My Cart ; ... and also to help your lobes loosen up a bit for the next stretch.

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Hello how are you today? I've decided that I wanted to start stretching my ears. My mom purchased me an ear stretching kit that includes 14g-00g tapers

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Hi! I have a little problem and I'd like some opinions :) Here's the thing: I have my right lobe stretched to 6mm and left lobe stretched to 8mm. When I started ...

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Ear Stretching Guide All about tapers and how to use a taper to stretch your ears. To begin your ear stretching journey, you’ll need to know all about tapers.

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Stretching your ear has become the new way popular way to modify yourself. ... We hope this guide will help you in getting the most out of this form of modification.

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Hold a moist warm cloth to your ear before you start stretching to help the ... Go to a professional when purchasing stretchers for the first time to ensure you get ...

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so i love ear stretching. i mean laaaaaav it. i really want it done but theres a few things that i need to know before i start begging :P 1) i have 2 sets of lobe ...

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Page 1 of 3 - Ear stretching help? - posted in Tattoo, Piercings and Body Art:

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Welcome to Ear Stretching 101.com. This site is dedicated to providing you with accurate information to help you begin and continue on a healthy ear stretching journey.

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Ear Stretching Information, stretching kits, how to stretch your ears. ... A little olive oil on the plug or tunnel will help a lot when getting them in.

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Ear Stretching Basics. What is stretching? ... The vast majority of the time, our efforts to "care" for our bodies do more to prolong healing time than they do to help.

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Return to General Ear Stretching & Jewelry Forum ... "Im new to stretching so bare with me. Alright so you have probably seen this 110x but ..." · "IDK. Everyone I ...