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Do you remember the day you got your period for the very first time? For a lot of us -- maybe most of us -- it was a day filled with awkwardness and confusion. I ... - Read more

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This video has a couple of spoken word poems by Jamaican poet Staceyann Chin. The first poem is about getting her first period (and using a pad incorrectly).

Suebob's Red Stapler: My First Period Story

My dear friends Suzanne and Alex Elliott had a brilliant idea last year: let's publish an anthology of first menstruation stories! As soon as they asked ...

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What’s your first period story? Tell us in a comment below! The following post is part of the My 1st Period Story Blog Hop hosted by Eco-Crazy Mom and Lunapads ...

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First Period Stories. First Period Stories are always coming our way from women eager to share memories of their first time. It reminds us that every girl will at ...

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I Got My First Period When I Was 13 1/2 Share Your Story: Getting Your First Period. By swimergrl. Updated January 08, 2011

First Period - Growing Up - First Period Stories ...

Growing up, I learned a lot of information from my sister. She paved the way for me and that made me feel more at ease about all the changes I was going through.


First Period: A Secret

When I first started my period, I kept it a secret. It wasn’t that I was ashamed, but rather, I was afraid to face the fact that I was becoming a woman.

First Period Stories?! - Libra Girl

I thought I might start this topic, so we could all share our first period stories! My first period arrived last year (Year 9. My family are late bloomers) There were ...

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For a teen, getting her first period is a life changing event. Read stories of other women's first period here! Page 3. Health; PCOS. Search. PCOS

Period Stories: Meet Rachel Kauder Nalebuff

There's no period like your first period. That's the message sent loud and clear in My Little Red Book, a collection of 92 first-period stories by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff

First Period Story: I thought I was dying! |

First periods can be scary, but this gURL wrote in to tell us it was the freakiest thing that ever happened to her! What would you do? Read on!

Your First Period - What is the Story of Your First Period

Readers Respond: What Was Your First Period Like?, PCOS

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This might seem a bit odd, but I was just wondering, if anyone here had any particularly funny and/or psychologically damaging (XD) experiences with their first ...

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Posts about first period stories written by essencerevealed. Essence Revealed The Bubblin' Brown Sugar of Burlesque! Tag Archives: first period stories.

First Period: Early PMS Experience

First Period: Early PMS Experience Details Parent Category: Women's Voices Written by Sunny S. Why do we have PMS? What is it that makes us have these symptoms, and ...

First period- (Y/N) | Boy's Only Academy - Story | Quotev

(Y/N) stood behind the door of her first period science.Now you see she wasn't very good in science and that what held her back from maintaining that perfect 4.0 GPA.