Guinea pig not eating!?

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I brought home two guinea pigs today. The young one is doing fine, running around eating and drinking. The older one (1 1/2) seems scared to death. Will not move from ... - Read more

Do guinea pigs eat hay? Do guinea pigs have belly buttons? Do I need a water bottle for my Guinea pig or can I just use a dish? How can you teach a guinea pig tricks? - Read more

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BBC News - Could I bring myself to eat a guinea pig?

Eating roasted or fried guinea pig is an ancient tradition in parts of South America, and still common today. But in other parts of the world the rodents ...

Guinea Pig Eating | Guinea Pig Manual

Guinea Pig Eating. What can guinea pigs eat? ... Pellets for guinea pigs Not inevitable as hay or water, but plays a major roll in providing needed nutrients.

Guinea Pigs: Guinea Pig not eating, guinea pig 1, guinea pigs

Guinea Pigs /Guinea Pig not eating. Advertisement. Expert: Annie ... Try orange flavored Gatorade or Pedialyte which will cut down on the chance of dehydration.

Guinea Pigs: Guinea Pig not eating, guinea pig, guinea pigs

guinea pig, guinea pigs, steriod injection: Hello! Okay i ll ask a few questions first. Are you feeding them vitamin C?? Do they have any vitamin drops in their water?

Guinea Lynx :: Anorexia (not eating)

Home > Medical Reference > Anorexia..... If Your Guinea Pig is Anorexic, See a Vet Immediately!

Guinea Pig Not Eating

Guinea pigs and rabbits should never be kept together. A rabbit can injure or kill a guinea pig with their hind legs, either accidently or on purpose.


Guinea Pig Is Not Eating Or Drinking | The Guinea Pig Forum

Hi, i had 4 male guinea pigs which i bough last July from the pet store, over a week ago two of them got ill. after taking them to the vets i found out...

What Can Guinea Pigs Eat | What Can’t Guinea Pigs Eat

Knowing what can guinea pigs eat and what guinea pigs can’t eat is really important since you don’t want to poison your pet with something you think it loves.

HOW TO EAT A GUINEA PIG | More Intelligent Life

Rodent eating, however, is not unheard of even in America. ... We dismissed quite a few: too expensive, too pretentious, not clean, no guinea pig, ...

Guinea Pig eating a banana - YouTube

Hilarious footage of a guinea pig eating a banana. [note: bananas may not be good for a guinea pig's digestion...although it never bothered Bert, and we ...

Guinea pig - not eating | The Guinea Pig Forum

Hi My Guinea pig is sitting in a corner making strange noises, small mm's. He stopped eating his normal food a couple of days ago and I switched to Recovery sachet ...

Guinea Lynx :: Topic - My guinea pig is not eating!

My male pig is six and a half and went for his teeth rasped after malocclusion almost a week ago. Before this I noticed he wasn't eating and the vet found that his ...

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Question - my guinea pig is not eating, seems to be in discomfort when - Q6. Find the answer to this and other Veterinary questions on JustAnswer.

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My sweet guinea pigs - Watch Funny Videos,Clips,Jokes and Pranks from around the world at Stream a ... Guinea Pigs Eating Contest! my sweet ...

Guinea Pig Chokes When Eating -

If a guinea pig seems to choke when eating, possible causes could be dental disease or an obstruction in the throat. Q: My guinea pig is chocking when she eats. Do ...

Caring for a Sick Guinea Pig - Alberta Rodents

Sometimes guinea pigs will stop eating when they are not feeling well. ... If a guinea pig is dehydrated or not eating, they often feel cold.

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Find out what foods guinea pigs can and cannot eat! If you're thinking of adopting a guinea pig and want to know what guinea pigs can eat, or if you already have a ...

guinea pig not eating certain foods - Google Groups

my guinea pig is looking healthy, but when ever I give him Parsely or Cilantro, he sniffs and rejects it. The good thing is is that he eats other things, the bad is ...

5 Guinea Pigs Eating Food So Funny - YouTube

Five cute guinea pigs eat complete and balanced food with added vitamin C: All Living Things® Guinea Pig Daily Diet. The guinea pigs eating the food so funny.

Guinea Pig Is Not Eating Or Drinking - Tries To Chew Food ...

Guinea Pig Is Not Eating Or Drinking - Tries To Chew Food But Can't - Vet Has Looked, But Cannot Find Problem! Looks Like Has No Strength In Jaw - Is Not In Pain And ...

Caring for Your Pet Guinea Pig - Birds and Exotics Animal Care

Birds and Exotics Animal Care provides full-service medical, surgical, and emergency care for pet guinea pigs (cavy, cavies).

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Question - 5 year old fem guinea pig, not eating or drinking - LD. Find the answer to this and other Pet questions on JustAnswer.

Guinea Pig Not Eating... - Mamapedia™ - The wisdom of ...

Guinea Pig Not Eating... My 4 1/2 year old female guinea pig seems to have stopped eating. I have 2 and the other is fine. We've had them their whole lives.