Help! My teeth hurt!?

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A tooth can hurt for many different reasons and your symptoms can help determine what's wrong. These are the most common symptoms and causes of a toothache. - Read more

No, my teeth don't hurt when air is blown on them. Like AndreaG, it's only my front bottom teeth. And only when I wake up and for about 15 minutes after. - Read more

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Help my teeth and gums hurt? -

Hi, Well if it continues to hurt I would surely go see a dentist. I suffer with gum problems too, and if you can floss it may be that something is stuck in the gums.

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I went to the dentist a few months back and I had 3 cavities. Truth is I haven't been taking good care of my teeth. My teeth have started to hurt for about ...

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Before I even knew I was pregnant, my teeth had become so sensitive that just the air hitting them when talking made them hurt. It has not stopped.

Front teeth gums hurt - MedHelp - Health community, health ...

Hello, My bottom gums hurt, just all if a sudden they hurt, then they itch at the same time whats wrong? They don't bleed even when I brush my teeth.

teeth hurt: My teeth hurt! help!? - Blogger

So last night i whitened my teeth and today they hurt like heck! Its almost unbearable! They are so sensitive that just having my mouth shut hurts.

Sensitive teeth hurt - MedHelp - Health community, health ...

My question is this--- can this be a cause of my sensitive teeth. They are driving me crazy! They really hurt. I would really appreciate someone's ideas on this.


Why do my teeth hurt! - BabyandBump - Momtastic

My teeth literally hurt! Not like a tooth ache hurt but when I brush my teeth they feel so painful! Also my gums are bleeding now when I brush my teeth every morning.

Why Do My Teeth Hurt After A Filling? | Main Family Dental ...

It is not unusual for teeth to hurt after a filling or crown. If the filling is deep or near the nerve or pulp, the filling may ache or be sensitive for...

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This is prob a stupid question, but this is my first pregnancy so I don't know anything. But here's my question. My front teeth on the bottom, about 6 of them, are ...

My teeth hurt! - BabyCenter

Could you be grinding your teeth and not realizing it? I have been clinching/griding mine at night during what little sleep I do get and my teeth hurt during the day.

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Wondering what is causing your teeth to hurt? Read this article to find out more about natural pain relief options, and how to identify what is causing your tooth pain.

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Help! Teeth Hurt Government’s Obligation to Provide Timely Access to Dental Treatment to B.C. Adults Who Have Developmental Disabilities: A Legal Analysis

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OraGel helps quickly and I avoid cold foods when it is ... My teeth hurt????my teeth hurt alot but it is the jaw pain that really gets me and they hurt the worst ...

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When does the braces actually start moving your teeth? Does it hurt to get them on? How long is the process of getting braces? What will it feel like afterwards?

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My Teeth Hurt After Swimming Last Updated: Feb 11, 2014 ... Reducing the risk of your teeth hurting after swimming requires help from everyone.

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Please help, my teeth hurt so bad! (BRACES)? Why does my teeth hurt when I eat candy? How long with my teeth hurt? Why do my molar teeth hurt when i eat chocolate?

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Teeth hurt? Find out about the most common causes and treatments from leading medical experts.

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Causes and diagnosis of medical symptom My teeth hurt with references to diagnosis, testing, and other symptoms.

Dental mrt: HELPPPPPP! My tooth hurts!?

My gums kinda hurt above one of my canines, but when I touch the tooth right under where the gun is, it doesn't hurt. If I bite on something, it can hurt.

My tooth hurts, please help? - Health Expert Advice

How can i get whiter teeth? My teeth are kind of yellow. I don't drink tea or coffee i mostly drink water and i brush my teeth twice a day for 2 minutes.

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My Sinuses Can Hurt My Teeth? Well, in a manner of speaking, yes. Congestion in the sinuses that are located on either side of your nose, underneath ...

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My braces make my teeth hurt really badly. what can i do? I am sorry your teeth hurt, they usually only hurt for a while (like when you get a new sized ...

Help - my braces are making my teeth hurt BADLY.?

What are elastics? okay im getting my braces tomorow and it says on the paper my orthodonist gave me i also need elastics but i dont know what they are so can someone ...

My teeth: My teeth hurt when i bite? - Blogger

When i eat something or bite down on my teeth, they hurt. When im not biting, everything feels normal. I dont have any loose teeth. When i wake up in the ...