HELP pain when swallowing?

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I've had a bad sore throat due to reflux even when I wasn't aware of other reflux symptoms. I think it's called Silent Reflux. An ear-nose-throat specialist I saw ... - Read more

Severe pain in ear and left side of throat when swallowing. Please Help. (11 Posts ... Since Sunday I have been getting really bad pain in the whole left side of my ... - Read more

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... (feels like when swallowing and or talking). I have tingling in my thumb and first two fingers. ... neck arm pain letters might help put your pain in context.

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Never, never "push through it" if its uncomfortable to eat/drink stop! if the pain is fading between meals (that means its not your heart and probably not a stricture ...

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hi,please could someone tell me if this is a symptom of acid reflux/hiatal hernia?? i was told 2 years ago i have a very small hernia after endoscopy

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Ear pain and discomfort is aggravated while carrying out certain activities such as scuba diving, air journey, or at times, chewing and swallowing. Each of these ...

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Sore throat when swallowing – one of the most common complaints received not only an otolaryngologist, but also a general practitioner. This simptomokopleks can ...

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Pain when swallowing - help! Health Anxiety ... Health Anxiety Are you plagued by fears about your body or health? Are you suffering from Health Anxiety?