Help please... Am I pregnant?

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why did you not use contraception i was pregnant at 16 but the condom sounds like you could be you dont just get morning sickness in the morn it ... - Read more

Hello all, I am a freshman in college, not ready for a baby at all. My boyfriend and I have been using the "pull out" method which is said to have a 4% failure rate ... - Read more

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10 Feb 2014. You are probably not pregnant, it is probably just the emergency contraceptive delaying your period. The only way to know for sure it to perform a ...


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my best friend which is 14 years old is pregnant too =/ and we really need help...

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Don't assume you aren't pregnant! I made that mistake with my oldest, went back on BC when the test said negative & I was already a couple weeks late.

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I have taken plan B, it said on the box that it could cause your period to be either early or late. Mine was early and was not pregnant. Hope this helps.


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7 May 2014. If you aren't getting your period, see your dr. Do a pregnancy test to see if you're pregnant. Do it first thing in the morning. There is no way to say if ...

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Of course, I became anxious & started taking home pregnancy tests right away (even though you're supposed to wait until after a missed period).

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I have PCOS and I just got off Mirena 2 months ago.. The first time I had a period was 3 weeks after removal and I had spotting mostly brown, that was 3/21/14.

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btw many pregnant women take the anti sickness i wouldnt worry about taking them if u need them

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oh okay thank u for your help i am sopose to have my wednsday 2nd. But i am not having cramps as i usually would have, is this a problem

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When I was pregnant with my baby, I had nausea and the smell was really strong. Those were the only two things I had with my first. «

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Am I pregnant!!! Help PLEASE I think you're safe...Seriously!Want to know how to KNOW FOR SURE!? NEVER put yourself into such a situation again till you're ...

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i'm pregnant and i need help. Free, confidential hotline and live chat for women facing unplanned pregnancy. Help with choices, help with adoption, ...

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Am I Pregnant?? Please Help! I know this sounds strange but I really need some advice. I was doing laundry yesterday and just lounging around in shorts and a T-shirt ...

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Am I Pregnant Babycentre Forum: A group for the lovely ladies from the AM I PREGNANT bc forum