Is google better than yahoo???

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Please share your views with solid reason. ... Yes google is better then yahoo 1. Simple interface of Google compare to complicated one of yahoo. 2. Better search ... - Read more

As a whole, I feel that Yahoo Travel like Yahoo Local Search, is much more powerful than anything Google offers. Yahoo also has a larger sense of social community ... - Read more

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Greenapple | 2014-18-08 23:40

I think the attachment to google is not making mosting people reason. Come to think of it, bing was from microsoft, they have really improved with their releases lately but to be honest i love google and i'm attached to it, but i recently tried bing and i loved it too. Bing is pretty eye catchy but google has the services. If microsoft wants to make bing dominate google, then they have a lot to do. I think people should just try both search engines simultaneously and compare rather than judging from what people say or post on the internet.

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