Is hamster a pet animal?

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People began keeping hamsters as pets in the 1930s, ... if the animal's cage is cleaned frequently, odor becomes a non-issue. Image Credit: Thinkstock ... - Read more

Purchasing hamster in the Pet Finder zone. Hamsters are pets in Jamaa. They are very common among Jammers, as they are available to all players. - Read more

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Hamster Care | ASPCA

Although hamsters' downright cuteness makes them popular with prospective pet parents, these animals have some special requirements that must be met in order for them ...

Hamster, Teddy hamster Care - Animal World

Hamsters are gentle, attractive and amusing to watch. They are virtually odorless and are habitually clean. All this aspects make them great pets for anybody but ...

Hamsters as Pets for Children - Buzzle

Do you think hamsters are good as pets for children? Let us find out. Home; Hamsters 32; ... Choosing the right animal as a pet for your kids is a difficult task.

Hamster - Petco

Is a hamster the right companion animal for you? ... before purchasing and/or caring for a hamster and should consider not having a hamster as a pet.

Hamster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

... where Syrian hamsters became one of the most popular pets and laboratory animals. ... It is also sometimes called a "fancy" hamster. Pet stores also have taken ...

Hamsters as pets - Curious animals

i own 3 hamsters and they are among the cutest creatures alive. They are tame, playful, funny, etc. And compared to large animals they are relatively very clean animals.


Hamsters - Pet University

Hamsters Hamsters are among the most popular small-animal pets in the world. They are inexpensive, undemanding, and easy to care for. In many ways, they are the ...

Hamster - Atlanta Pet Rescue

Hamster is available for adoption now! He’s at the center and you can meet him Tuesday through Sunday! If you are interested in adopting him please see our “How ...

Hamster - HowStuffWorks "Animals"

Pet hamsters are clean, solitary animals that enjoy exploring and hiding. They are usually kept in cages, available from pet shops, ...

Animal Care/Hamster - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Hamsters as pets . The hamster kept as pet least often is the Golden Hamster, also called Syrian Hamster. So-called Teddybear or Black bear hamsters are breeds of ...

Hamsters As Pets - Angelfire

HAMSTERS AS PETS. A good domesticated pets is the type of animal that can withstand the rigors of being bred and raised in captivity, generation after generation ...

CFHS | Hamsters - Canadian Federation of Humane Societes

Home / Animals in the Home / Pet care / Small animals / Hamsters. Hamsters. Hamsters As Pets. A golden hamster is often a child’s first pet. They are small, quiet ...

Small Animals - Hamster

Hamster. Courtesy of Oxbow Pet Products Getting to Know your Pet Hamster: Easy to keep and fun to watch, hamsters don’t require much attention, so they are an ...

Pet Hamster - Animal games - Games XL .com

Pet Hamster. Do not forget to play one of the other great Animal games at!

How to Find a Veterinarian for a Hamster | eHow

Vet Care for Syrian or Golden Hamsters. Learn from an exotic animal health technician as she explains how to choose a ... When it comes to feeding a pet hamster, ...

My Pet Care - Hamster Pet

Exotic Pets Animal pictures. Pet services Pet sitting services ... To produce the best hamster for a pet show, breed hamsters that are pedigreed.

Hamster - Animal Stories - People Talking About Their Pets ...

Animal-World Information about: Hamster If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!

Pet Animals: Hamster - Blogger

Hamsters are a type of rodent animals, there are various kinds in the world and almost there in every country. Hamsters belong to the subfamily cricetinae.

Pets 101: Hamster : Video : Animal Planet

Now Playing | Hamster 218. Cute, fuzzy, and small enough to fit in your pocket, the hamster makes a great first pet.

Keeping Hamsters As Pets pet care trust same sex pairs ...

... The most popular and best known small rodent pets, Hamsters are naturally solitary ... Every owner has a duty of care towards their animal.

Small Animals Hamsters from - Pet Supplies - Pet ...

Home Small Animals Hamsters. ... RESOURCES FOR YOU AND YOUR PET. VIDEOS; ARTICLES & INFO; VIEW ALL VIDEOS. ... ©2014, Petco Animal Supplies, Inc.

Hampsters Veterinarian, exotic pet care serving Chicago area

as pets and research animals since the 1930’s. The Syrian hamster’s (golden hamster) ... Pet hamsters are generally housed singly.

Pets - Animal Jam Wiki

Pets are Jammers' number one most loyal companion. ... Animal Jam Wiki Navigation. On the Wiki. ... Pet Hamster. Back; 1; 2; 3;

Hamsters as Pets - iBuzzle

Hamsters as Pets Keeping hamsters as pets seems like a nice alternative in place of a bigger pet, but there's a plus side and certain drawbacks when taking care of them.

Animal Care -- Dwarf Hamster - Pet Supplies Plus

Dwarf Hamsters Campbell's Hamster (Phodopus campbelli) Roborowski's Hamster (Phodopus roborowskii) Winter White/Russion/Siberian ...

Small Pet Care | ASPCA

Although hamsters' downright cuteness makes them popular with prospective pet parents, these animals have some special requirements that must be met in order for them ...

Super Pet » Super Pet is your source for Hamster habi

Hamsters are the lovable small animal pet that is for beginners! Hamsters make perfect pets for both first time and experienced pet owners. Their simple care needs ...

A Popular Pet Hamster | Hamsterama

The golden hamster is a popular pet but one which is also getting more attention these days is the dwarf hamster which is a much smaller type of hamster.

Hamsters : The Humane Society of the United States

Hamsters make great pets, but their small size and widespread reputation as a “starter pet” may encourage impulse acquisitions. Find out if a hamster is the right ...

Hamsters : Syrian Hamsters As Pets - Pet Web Site

The Syrian hamster is an ideal pet for those looking for a single pet as it is a solitary animal and will ... The Syrian hamster makes an ideal pet for those at ...