Is taurine bull pee?

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Is Red Bull made from bull's pee? LOL So THAT'S the secret ingredient! - Read more

do energy drinks have bull pee? - Find the best Answers at the first startup that gives you an straight answer - Read more

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Do Energy Drinks Have Bull Urine In Them? | Ask Help Box

Do monster energy drinks contain bull pee in them.? This is a myth. They have Taurine in them which is also found in bull urine and bile but that doesn't mean that's ...

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Do Monster Energy drinks contain animal by products? | Monster Energy and other energy drinks contain an ingredient called taurine, which is bull bile.

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Red Bull Energy Drinks are NOT No-Doz!!!, review ... (or pee, depending on how you ... Red Bull Sugar Free Energy Drink With Taurine, 12 fl oz. $2.68

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It has much more taurine and caffiene then red bull, gives you 500ml, and costs the same. ... Taurine = Bull pee... Please tell me your kidding. ecstasy_civic.

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Red Bull has BULL URINE in it?! (Taurine)

RED BULL HAS BULL PEE IN THEM?!!? SAYY WHATT?! well, thats what i thought too. rumor has it that red bull contains taurine which is bull pee. hence the name