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I looked through you're pictures, and you're one of the few who could pull off a belly button piercing, however I think you'd also look great with a nose ... - Read more

Welcome to F*** Yeah Nose Rings, home to pictures of our favorite facial piercing. Feel free to submit your photos, we'd love to see and share them! - Read more

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Taking Care of Your Piercing. We'd like to talk specifically about the need to wear a nose piercing retainer when your piercing is healing. It's sad but true that ear ...

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Nose Piercing - Which Side To Pierce? With more and more celebrities getting their noses pierced, the mere question that looms between whether or not you should get a ...

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Our nose piercing FAQ will help you find an answer to the most common and most pressing questions. Don't see what you need? Ask here.

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Nose Piercing Questions Answered, ... Nose Piercing Stud . . . . . . 1. Nose Stud Piercing on Pinterest published: 23 Jun 2014

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Me asking general questions about nose piercings! :)


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Facts on Nose Piercings. Next to the ear, the nose is the most popular part of the body to have pierced. Nose piercings add a touch of personal style to the wearer ...

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When it comes to nose piercing, people have lots questions: What types of nose piercings could I get? Which side of the nose should I pierce? Does nose piercing hurt?

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I have been having difficulty accepting the placement of my nose piercing lately. ... Septum Piercing Question. May 26th, 2012 body piercings; cartilage; Elayne Angel;

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Well if you have nose piercing questions rest assured that some of them will be answered soon. This is because there are both nose piercing FAQ’s and some nose ...

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Nose Piercing? General Questions!? - Find resources, videos and answers at Ask Help Box

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Nose Piercing Piercing of the cartilage or skin of nay part of the nose is referred to as nose piercing. Nostril piercings are the most common body piercings.

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Nose Piercing Questions? - Find resources, videos and answers at Ask Help Box

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It's only been in the last two decades that nose piercing has gained a mainstream popularity in Western culture. Presently, it is the second most- popular body ...

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pierce, piercing, pierced: Jennifer, In all actuality the initial nostril piercing should be done with a CBR (Captive Bead Ring), of 18g to 16g and 3/8 diameter (size ...

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I just had my nose piercing done about a week ago!! It went really well actually, just make usre you get it done with a needle and not a gun. Soak it in sea salt ...

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Nose piercing | Originally ... My question: will such a hole ... the piercing gun causes more trauma to the nose tissue and will result in a more difficult ...

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Nose Piercing. Question Posted ... How fast does a nose piercing close up? ... I only want to hear from you if you have your own nose pierced. [ Answer this question]

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What do nose piercings mean? Nose piercings (also known as nasal or nostril piercings) can be placed on either side of the nose, and can take a ring or a stud.

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I'm really considering getting my nose pierced, but I have some questions. Do any of you have or know someone with a nose piercing that could answer

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All About Nose Piercings; Nose Piercing Tips; Septum Piercing ... Nose Piercing Healing Questions and Comments 424 comments. relache 4 weeks ago from Seattle, ...

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About Nose Piercings. Nose piercings are done on the nose for a variety of reasons. These reasons are religious, beauty, social standing and also just for the sake of ...