opinions on these boys names?

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I was wondering if you could give me opinions on my list of girls' names so far. ... I don't think these names go together so ... I thought Rowan was a boys name? - Read more

So i already have my boy name picked out, now im trying to ... BabyandBump Pregnancy Forums Baby Names Opinions on these two names! Search: Today's Posts: Mark Forums ... - Read more

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Opinions on these girl names? | BabyCenter

OK, so, we're narrowing it down to Melody, Eve, Quinn, Charlotte, Sadie, and Amelia. Please give your opinions on these names, add any names you think are cute, and ...

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both of my kids names have literary origins so I am kind of hoping to continue that. I havent even brought up these names to DH because I know he'll hate them lol!

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Hey! I would love if you gave me your opinions on some of my favorite boy names! Also please give me some suggestions on boy names I might like! Thanks :) Graham ...

Opinions on these boys names? - BabyCenter

I like simple names, easy to spell and pronounce and not too popular. We already have a Logan, so can't have anything else ending in "an" or "son" (last name ends in ...

Opinions on these boy names. - BabyCenter

I cant get behind naming a kid Zion, it means holy land, and thats pretty...

Opinions on these boy name? - BabyFreeFAQ.com

I resembling Rylan best. um... Haiden second. But with different spelling. If he's a boy you won't want him called "Haiden the maiden". Rylan is cool.


Opinions On These 2 Boys Names For Brothers

What are your opinions on these two boy names?: Personally i love them both and they would really suit brothers If i have kids defiantly ony list of names.

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The etymology and history of first names. ... To be honest, none of them appeal to me. They're just not my style and I don't want to be rude about them.

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Please give me your honest opinions on the following names; ... Opinions on these names. Belle3184. member. ... It is and always has been our boy name

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Opinions on Boy Names: We have a boy coming in about two months and we are kind of stuck on the There are other first and middle names we like but these are

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Opinion On These 4 Boys Names? - Find resources, videos and answers at Ask Help Box

Opinions on these boys names..

Hi everyone, Our baby boy is due soon and we are still struggling for a name! We really like Jack but worry that it's too popular. What does everyone think of these ...

What are your honest opinions of these boy names?

This is the short list of boy names that my bf and I like. What do you think of them? Please be honest. We want a good strong name but we don't like ...

Opinions on these names and suggestions | Baby Name Wizard

I like Drake Jonathan a lot, and I'm really intrigued by the idea of finding another boys' name that has that same literary/legendary tone to it.

Your Opinion On These Baby Names? - Circle of Moms

I like Flynn for a boy and Chloe for a girl... I would go for something that can't be shortened. I think that's silly, too, just as everyone else has mentioned.

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Hi. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and just found out i'm having a little girl! I already have a 2 year old boy called Liam and i'd like a slightly unusual/less popular name ...

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Ok. I'm not too sure about these names. I just found out I'm having a boy and this is hard. lol but so far I think I like Jayce and Kaelan. I was just wanting some ...

Opinions on Names for Baby Boy - Mamapedia™

Opinions on Names for Baby Boy. Hi. ... and since I'm so stuck between these three, I'm hoping others can help me choose. We like: 1) Liam 2) Jonah 3) Gavin.

Opinions on these names for my story? - Fast Question

Names for twin boys? Help pick? It's actually for a story. Their older sister is Ryker (I have a reason for naming her that and I don't want any opinions on HER name ...

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opinions on these girls names... (45 Posts) Add message ... Any Scottish members with insight into the popularity of these names? Add message | Report ...

Honest opinion on these names please........

Honest opinion on these names please..... Hi Mums / Mums to be I ... i like all your boys names Leighton is my favourite from that list.

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Opinions on these girl names Started by mumof2ormore? , ... Imagine the life of this mum, who gave birth to three boys and one girl in just nine months.

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The etymology and history of first names. ... Alexandria - I love Alex as a nickname for a girl, but this full name is a bit too much for me.