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Physics help, please - posted in Experts Exchange: 1. What force does the earth's gravity exert on a 81kg astronaut who is orbiting in a space station at a distance ... - Read more

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Physics question, Please help!? ... A nonconducting square plate 74 on a side carries a uniform surface charge density. The electric field strength 1 from the ...

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Chemistry or Physics - please help! in Academic Guidance is being discussed at Physics Forums


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ok, so i have this assingnment that i need to do for physics and i was wondering if some people could help me with it. Basiicallly i need to decribe a project that a ...

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A 74.4-kg airplane pilot pulls out of a dive by following, at a constant speed of 184 km/h, the arc of a circle whose radius is 282.0 m. (a) At the bottom of the ...

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Askville Question: physics help please!!!! : Physics ... I'd be happy to help you. But you need to tell me exactly what you need help with.

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Physics Question [ 1 Answers ] Tarzan tries to cross a river by swinging from one bank to the other on a vine that is 12.2 m long. His speed at the bottom of the ...

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A clock radio is rated as 30 W of power output. If the radio also draws 30 W at 120 V, which will the current draw be? 0.25 A 4 A 3,600 A 0.5 A What is the transfer of

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PHYSICS!!!! help me please User Name: Remember Me? Password: ... ( A .450 kg ice puck, moving east with a speed of 3.00 m/s has a head on collision with a .900kg puck ... | Home

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