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Relevant Pages. Re: Relativity question.... Observer A accelerates fast enough to go around, and then decelerates.... Is there a kind of 'international dateline' for ... - Read more

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Special Relativity. Usenet Physics Frequently Asked Questions List. ... Ask your question about Relativity here, if it isn't excluded by the above rules.

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Relativity question. in Advanced Physics Homework is being discussed at Physics Forums

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The development of physics has answered many questions of early ... thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, relativity, nuclear and particle physics, ...

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Unsolved problems by subfield . The following is a list of unsolved problems grouped into broad area of physics. Cosmology, and general relativity Cosmic inflation

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Relativity, Physics, Science ... Uncle Ben. Top Expert on this page. Expertise. I can answer questions regarding Einstein's Theory of Relativity, particularly in ...


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And this week we’ve collected together some of your questions about relativity. More light speed spacecraft, ... The Physics of Flying High and Fast – Daily Camera;

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PhysOrg scientific forums are totally dedicated to science, physics, and technology. Besides topical forums such as nanotechnology, quantum physics, silicon and III-V ...

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As I understand it, the faster I accelerate myself the slower time for me moves as compared to an observer I left behind. Andromeda my be 2 million light years away ...

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Q & A: Physics Questions? Ask the Van ... A Simpler Replacement For Relativity? (7/12/2014) Rainbows In Space? (7/12/2014) Why Spin 2 For The Graviton Instead Of Spin 1?

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Physics Questions and Answers. Q&A \ Physics. Mechanics | Kinematics | Dynamics: ... Nuclear Physics: 98: 64: Relativity: 40: 19: Solid State Physics: 36: 18: Plasma ...

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Open Questions in Physics. ... How can we merge quantum theory and general relativity to create a quantum theory of gravity? How can we test this theory?

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The question whether Euclidian geometry is valid becomes physically signif- ... to be valid for the whole of physics (special relativity principle). From Max-

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Question Relativity ( Physics Help and Math Help - Physics Forums Homework Help Archive ) Updated: 2008-04-30 08:44:46 (4)

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This pages presents several series of frequently asked questions. Answers are given with relevant explanations

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If you want to write an article on a frequently asked question in physics, feel free to suggest it to the editor. ... Relativity and Cosmology Speed of Light.

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Hello, Even after years of trying I'm still having a hard time understanding a simple physics question. So here it is: If two objects are circling

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The 11 Greatest Unanswered Questions of Physics Eric Haseltine ... relativity, particle physics, cosmology, and their rich interrelationships.

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College/University Physics Help > Special and General Relativity ... Can someone explain to me why an acceleration object won't eventual become a black ... Quote ...

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Quickie Questions - Phascinating Physics - Space-Time/Relativity Date Answered Questioner (age, location) Question Answer; September 30, 2009: Bryan (age 28, canada)

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I have an ongoing argument with my father about a special relativity question. We've come to an impasse where our lack of complete understanding is getting in the way.