Rarest blood type?

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Before discussing the rarest blood type, we need to understand first blood compatibility. Compatibility of blood group is extremely important during transfusion of blood. - Read more

Type P, often mistaken for Type O, possesses many similar qualities to that of the latter type. It possesses neither A nor B antigens, but has A, B, and AB antibodies. - Read more

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What is the rarest blood type? 1) "The rarest blood type is the type that's not available when YOU need it!"2) "Statistically, the rarest is AB Rh negative.

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Blood groups are not evenly distributed; certain blood groups occur commonly, while some are uncommon. This article will give you more information on rare blood types.

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Rare Blood Types Absence of the commonly found antigens on red blood cells gives rise to rare blood types like AB-, Oh, U- and En(a-); whereas the presence of certain ...

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Rare Blood types and Rare Blood information with charts and answers to questions about rare Blood. Links to the Rare Blood Registry.

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Rarest blood types It is an important task, finding donors with those rare blood types, such as rh negative, even more so because the awareness is still low. The ...

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Is A- the rarest blood type? | Type AB is the rarest. There is also a subtype called A-H, but to date, only three people in the world are known to have it.

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Thirty-three major blood group systems (including the AB and Rh systems) were recognised by the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) in October 2012.

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A rare Blood type is any Blood type that is difficult to find. A Blood type is classified as rare when more than 200 donors have to be screened to find one compatible ...

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The Bombay blood type is a rare blood type which was first observed among three unrelated individuals in Bombay (Mumbai) India in 1952. The major ...

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February 2009. The rarest blood type Japanese and other Asians put great store in knowing one’s blood type (“ketsuekigata”), the way that some Westerners know ...

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Rare Blood Types List, most Rare Blood Types, Part 2: Human Blood Types - The Mechanics of Ascension, What Does My Blood Type Mean, Are you an Rh Negative blood type ...

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Which human blood type is the rarest - trivia question /questions answer / answers

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Don't know what your blood type means? Learn about different rare blood types in this free video clip about the facts of blood donation.

Which blood type is the rarest? - Fun Trivia

Which blood type is the rarest - trivia question /questions answer / answers

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Rare Blood Types | list of rare blood types and rare blood types chart with rare blood types facts, diseases, diet, compatibility also rare blood types people.

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Percentage distribution of blood types and Rh factor can change from one ethnic group or race to another but statistically speaking the rarest (least ...