Scientific name for elephant?

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Animals Plants Rainforest ... african bush elephants and african forest elephants. Both have the scientific name for each. African elephant scientific name, ... - Read more

ELEPHANT SCIENTIFIC NAME Word for. Page. East africa, in. Arising from people destroying. Large animals are the. Loxodonta. May. Sungai language scientific name ... - Read more

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African Elephant Scientific Name and Endangered

African elephants have two types, namely african bush elephant (scientific name is Loxodonta africana) and african forest elephant (scientific name Loxodonta cyclotls).

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What is the name which is used in science to describe Indian Elephant, Elephas maximus indicus, one of 19 subspecies of the Asian Elephant, a largest population of ...

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Scientific Name For Elephant The scientific name for the elephant is Loxodonta Africana: 3 votes. 1 votes. Source: Wildlife Pictures

What is the scientific name for elephant? - Evi

What is the name which is used in science to describe elephant (the large grey mammal with a long trunk)?

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It is a plant, grenn, with big leaves!!! What is the scientific name for an elephant ear plant? That's a real good question. Elephant Ears is a common name ...

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A brief write-up on two-part scientific names of animals, which will explain how and why these names are used for each and every animal species on the planet.


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Elephants Scientific Classification Taxonomy. Order. African and Asian elephants are the only surviving members of the Order Proboscidea. Species. Historically ...

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Elephant shrews, also known as jumping shrews, ... Elephant Shrews Scientific name: Macroscelidea. By Laura Klappenbach. Animals/Wildlife Expert. Share this.

African Elephant | Species | WWF - World Wildlife Fund

The African Elephant population that once showed promising signs of recovery, ... b Scientific Name. Loxodonta africana. c Height. Shoulder height is 11 feet d Weight.


Scientific Name Loxodonta africana, Loxodonta cylotis Common Names African Bush Elephant, African Forest Elephant Classification Close Relatives.

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Which canine species has the scientific name "Canis rufus"? Scientific Names: ... The African elephant has bigger ears, wrinkly skin and is generally larger.

What is the scientific name for baby elephants? | Answerbag

What is the scientific name for baby elephants? The technical term for a baby elephant is calf. Elephant calves are cared for by the entire group of female ...

Asian Elephant (Elephas Maximas) - The Animal Encyclopedia

Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) are large herbivorous land mammals. They are one of two species of elephants, the other being the larger African elephant.


SCIENTIFIC NAME: ANIMAL: SCIENTIFIC NAME: Adder (Viper) Vipera Berus: Hyena : Hyaenidae Carnivora : Ant: ... Elephant : Proboscidea Elephantidae : Sheep : Bovidae ...

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The scientific name of the Asian elephant is Elephas Maximus which means "the biggest elephant", but it is only the second largest species of land animal.

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Biological classification, or scientific classification in biology, ... For example, in 1758 Linnaeus gave the Asian elephant the scientific name Elephas maximus, ...

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In 1906 Professor Theodore Noack formally described a third variety of African elephant, the pygmy elephant, and gave it the scientific name Loxodonta pumilio.

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Scientific name elephant images Scientific name elephant (view original image) (view original image) (view original image) (view original image)

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Asian elephants are extremely sociable, ... b Scientific Name. Elephas maximus indicus. c Height. 6.5– 11.5 feet d Weight. around 11,000 pounds C Length. around 21 feet

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At current poaching rates, the elephant, the world's largest terrestrial mammal, may not survive 10 years in the wild.

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Name: Asian Elephant: Scientific name: Elephas maximus: Range: Southern Asia; parts of India, China, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia ...

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With 49 healthy and fit elephants, much rich forest, and with human expertise ranging from veterinary medicine to classic Thai elephant handling, it is not surprising ...

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Scientific name: Proboscidae: Elephantidae: Loxodonta africana (Blumembach,1797) HABITAT: Elephants are always associated with permanent water and abundant vegetation ...

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The process of these assigning scientific names to animals and plants are called ‘taxonomy.’ ... Elephant Proboscidea elephantidae. Fox ...

Scientific Name Of An African Elephant

Scientific name of an african elephant The premier resource for all things african thanks to save the elephants, eagle rock plantation georgia deer hunti a scientific ...