Should children be spanked?

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November 16, 2011. SMU Psychology Professor George Holden, who studies the disciplining of children, was recently interviewed by Journalist Anderson Cooper as part of ... - Read more

Debate about Should parents be allowed to spank their children?: Yes, to a limit. or No Way it is wrong - Read more

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Should children be spanked? At what age do you start to use this punishment?

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Take this poll! Should children be spanked as a punishment? Yes, it will teach them to behave No, it is likely to make them bullies I have no opinion Yes

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written with guest blogger Paida Chikate It had been an hour since the 6pm lights had come on - they signaled the end of my play time. That meant I was ...

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It shows disapline to spank? huh? Not only is using alternatives to physical pain on children okay, it is a part of fundamental parenting. Proponents of ...

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Many adults who were ‘spanked’ are today in therapy, on anti-depressants or simply wallow in self-pity, depression, are very impatient, can be verbally ...

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Should children be spanked? No it shouldn't take physical punishment to discipline your children..


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Should Children Be Spanked? Volumes; Volume 1; Summer 1973; Should Children Be Spanked? Volume Volume 1 Issue Summer 1973 Title Should Children Be Spanked?

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Do you think children should be spanked because of bathroom accidents? - Welcome to Circle of Moms!! Communities; Parenting; Pregnancy; Food And Fun; Kid Shopping;

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Should children be spanked? At what age do you start to use this punishment?

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If you think other persons than the parents and relatives of the child should have right to spank her/him, do you also think they should have the right to ...

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Should I Spank My Kids? As modernity wages war with old-fashioned values, some parents are wondering if it's acceptable to spank their children.

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