Someone please give me advise!!?

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Okay, so me and my girlfriend talked a while back, but broke it off because her friend had a crush on me and it was hurting her friend. So we started talking ... - Read more

Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "give me advice" ... Please visit me and give me advice about how ... I have someone that can also give me advice for my ... - Read more

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Someone please give me advice! :( - BabyCenter

So I am 15 days late, I took a test day 2 of my missed period and it was a faint positive, and then took another one a few days later and it was a negative.

Can someone please help me/give me advice, please? -

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Someone please give me advise :( - MaybeNow

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Can Someone please give me advise??? Please?? - BabyCenter

((HUGS))!! Your situation is pretty different than many women who post here, since from what I gather *your* life is ad medical risk if you continue the pregnancy.

This is killing me!!! someone please give me advice!!!?

Can someone please give me advice on antidepressants? ... I will probably end up killing myself before this semester ... can you please let me know your opinion of ...

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Will Someone Please give me advice? | BabyCenter

Ok im suppose to be at least 4wks pregnant i had no period in july at all not even the slightest sign of a period. I took two pregnancy test which came back very ...

Someone please give me some advice? -

Someone please give me some advice? So I've just turned sixteen like less than a week ago and have been allowed to date ever since I turned fifteen.

Can Someone Give Me Advise Please | Relationship Talk

Give us some more information on how you guys broke up, why and when it happened. It would also help us if you described what the relationship was like before the ...

Someone Please Give Me Some Advice :( - Christian Forums

Hi I am engaged to a non christian and we have 2 children together. We are currently living apart although officially still together as the conflict

/ someone please help me or give me advice

the cause of your condition needs supporting medical opinion. if you have a medical opinion that your job caused your back condition by all means file a work comp claim.

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General Relationship Discussion Although anyone can post anywhere on Talk About Marriage, this section is for people interested in general relationship and ... • View topic - Can someone please give me advice?

Crisis Forum ... "ahh! I am totally new to this Suboxone withdrawl thing. I literally feel like I am losing my mind. I have what doctors think are "comfort meds" such ...

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Please advise the bore size and any secondary holes for ... give advice, have a guess ... beg our colleague, Ms. von Stauffenberg, to please forgive me - prefer ...

[Essay] Can someone please give me some advice?

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Can someone please give me some advice for the living area ...

I like black and white for rug. But if you can't agree and he insists on colour then get a solid colour. Best advice I can give you is to bring both options home and ...

Someone please give me advice? - November 2014 - BabyCenter

Someone please give me advice?: I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant and been win my partner for just over two years. We have had lots of problems over the pregnancy with ...

someone please give me advice?? vulvitis..? HELP ME

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Someone please give me some advice

What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Oklahoma Okay, let me see if I can get this all out to make sense.... My daughters father (my ex husband) and I got ...

Please someone give me advice - BabyandBump

hello ladies i feel so low today i really dont know where my head is, basically wednesday just gone my symptons began to fade by thursday i felt back to my before bfp ...

someone please give me advice on my Income Taxes ...

someone please give me advice on my Income Taxes Welcome, ... but I wanna see what can be done to help me out here. Anyone can give me some advice? ...

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Could someone please advise me; upgrading gaming pc. solution; Could someone give me advice on a new pc build please?? Forum; Could someone give me a seal of approval ...

Someone please give me advice - Social Anxiety Forum

Ive reached this new level of anxiety and fearfulness where the smallest irritation or thought I dislike will bother me for days, sometimes weeks or months.

Just my luck! Someone please give me advice

Thanks guys..I have emailed World Bridge last night and they will get back to me..I have a feeling im just over reacting again as usual..I think we'll be okay..I sent ...