The vacuole is like?

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Definition of vacuole in the Medical Dictionary. vacuole explanation. ... Vacuole-Like Dilations Vacuoles Vacuoles Vacuoles vacuolisation vacuolization - Read more

A contractile vacuole is used to pump excess water out of the cell to reduce osmotic pressure and keep the cell ... like toxic byproducts which are hence removed from ... - Read more

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The Yeast Lysosome-like Vacuole: Endpoint and Crossroads

The yeast vacuole has a defined set of resident proteins, a distinctive ionic milieu, and a characteristic membrane lipid composition, all of which combine to provide ...

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1 Please help merging/copyediting central vacuole ... articles will use the word "vacuole" in reference to "autophagic vacuoles" or when ... like the consensus is to ...

Vacuole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A vacuole is a membrane -bound organelle which is present in all plant and fungal cells and some protist, animal and bacterial cells. Vacuoles are essentially ...

Vacuole Function - Buzzle

Vacuole Function The vacuole is an important component of plant, fungal and animal cells. The primary responsibility of vacuoles is to maintain the turgor pressure in ...

Vacuole Analogy - Buzzle

Vacuole Analogy What is a vacuole in ... One of the many important organelles in animal and plant cells is the vacuole. These organelles are like membrane-covered ...

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Vacuole,biological,biology dictionary,biology terminology,biology terms,biology abbreviations. ... Like most organelles, the vacuole is membrane-bound compartment, ...


vacuole - definition of vacuole by The Free Dictionary

Information about vacuole in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. contractile vacuole, ... Add definition: ... Vacuole-Like Dilations Vacuoles Vacuoles

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Can you find the vacuole in the picture?

The Illuminated Plant Cell - Vacuole

Central Vacuole: The central vacuole of many plant cells is perhaps the most conspicuous organelle occupying up to 90% of a cell’s volume [2].

welkescience - Vacuole - Wikispaces

A vacuole is a membrane-bound sac that plays roles in intracellular digestion and the release of cellular waste products. In animal cells, vacuoles are generally small.

The Function of a Vacuole in a Cell | eHow

The Function of a Vacuole in a Cell. Among the features that distinguish plant cells from animal cells is the vacuole, a large membrane-enveloped sac found in cells ...

The yeast lysosome-like vacuole: Endpoint and crossroads

1. Introduction. Actively growing yeast cells have several prominent vacuoles that are functionally similar to mammalian lysosomes and plant vacuoles.

What Good is a Vacuole? What Does a Vacuole Do?

What good is a vacuole? A vacuole acts like a rubbish bin, it contains waste products that might damage the cell.

Vacuoles - definition of Vacuoles by Medical dictionary

vacuole clear space within cell cytoplasm, containing foreign material. ... vacuole vacuole Vacuole-Like Dilations. Vacuoles. vacuolisation vacuolization

The Large Vacuole

And just like the Central Vacuole of the plant cell the airport hangar is by no doubt the largest storage facility in an airport if we consider storage cupboards as ...

Vacuoles - definition of Vacuoles by The Free Dictionary

Information about Vacuoles in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. ... vacuole vacuole Vacuole-Like Dilations. Vacuoles. vacuolisation vacuolization

Plant Vacuoles

Technical progress has variously altered the operating definition of the plant vacuole over time. Today, definitions continue ... “vacuole-like.” ...

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the vacuole is like a refrigerator. It stores food and water for the cell and a refrigerator stores food and water for us

The Contractile Vacuole in an Amoeba. by Hunter Mángrum ...

The Contractile Vacuole in an Amoeba. ... Like most cells, amoebae is affected by osmotic pressure which is caused by extremely saline or diluted water.

vvbiology2 - Vacuole - Wikispaces

-The vacuole is a ... The vacuole works like a sponge because a sponge absorbs and stores water just like the vacuole. ... - The vacuoles nickname could be the ...

Vacuoles - Parts of a Cell for Kids! - Kidipede - Science ...

Vacuoles for Kids - What is a vacuole? What are vacuoles for? Do all cells have vacuoles?

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You might also like... What Is A Vacuole? Cell Biology. A vacuole is a fluid filled cavity that is found only in plant cells. It does not exist in animal cells....

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Vacuoles' definition, ... there is usually one large vacuole which occupies a large part of the cell's volume and is filled with a ... Remove ads like these. Upgrade ...

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Top sites by search query "what is the vacuole in a plant cell" ... contains all various stuff you like, like useless molecules, storage molecules, ...