What anime is this??

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I saw this picture on facebook and i would like to know what anime she is from - Read more

"IS: Infinite Stratos" ist ein Anime mit dem Hauptgenre Actionkomödie ★ Rang 1294 Wallpaper - Read more

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This article is an insight into the art of Anime. How Anime was created and how from its origins in Japan how it has become extremely popular throughout the world.

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Fanpop quiz: From what anime is this theme song from? - See if you can answer this Anime trivia question!

Japanese Animation Introduction (What Is It?)

So what is anime, exactly? The word anime-- pronounced "ah-knee-may" -- is an abbreviation of the word animation. In Japan, the word's used to refer to all animation.

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Anime pronounced AHneemay is a term for a style of Japanese comic book and video cartoon animation in which the main characters have large doelike eyes...

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Japanese anime is a cartoon television series or movie made in Japan. Most of the characters in Japanese anime have characteristic...

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What is anime? And why should I watch it? Get the answers to all your anime questions here.


What Anime is and is Not - EzineArticles

Do you watch cartoons? I do. Not bugs bunny; I'm talking about anime. Do you know what that is? Anime is, simply put, animation that's made in Japan.

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here's the image ... « Older Where can I get metal sheriff-... | Noah Gallagher Shannon has a p...


ANIME-LOADS.ORG - Deutschlands Nr. 1 mit hunderten Animes als Download und Livestream

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The homepage of DukAnime, Duke University's all-new anime club! Includes information about the club and anime in general, links, and more!

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Is This a Zombie? Anime Review I can only imagine what the first planning meeting for this show must have sounded like... Men sitting around a table, saying "Well ...

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The Winter 2011 Anime Preview Guide - Bamboo Dong (Jan 5, 2011) The Winter 2011 Anime Preview Guide - Theron Martin (Jan 4, 2011) The Winter 2011 Anime Preview Guide ...

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Welcome To Chia Anime! A Site Offering a lot of Anime Stuffs,Info,Previews,Trailers,soundtracks,manga scans for free, Watch Anime Episode at Chia Anime.com


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I don't know what anime is this. - Oppositelock

But i'll find you and download you. It got a freaking Suzuki Cara! Anyway, any ideas what anime is this?

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The Summer 2014 Anime Preview Guide is here! Check back every day for new previews of this summer's biggest shows. Now Available - Invaders of the Rokujyouma?!

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What does this manga words mean? - When I read manga, what does this words mean? -Shoujo -Shounen -Shounen Ai -Ecchi -Harem -Mec question and answer in the Anime club

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Contains several anime reviews submitted by users.

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Monthly magazine featuring DVD, manga, and anime related book reviews.

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There are many anime conventions and forums that anime fans can go to and expand their knowledge about anime. A well known anime convention is Otakon.

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This article explains what anime is, as well as some of its common traits. - What Is Anime? - Anime at BellaOnline

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What is Anime? Japanese animation of epic proportions! Something for everyone. List of Recommended Animes: Trailers, Clips and Amvs Baka and Test

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What are Manga and Anime? Good question. There is no short answer. So here's a long one. (Pardon me for its length and its wandering; I was doing chain-of-thought ...