What anime is this pic from?

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it's just a pic of a nameless character like all ones you find all over the internet. there's a reason the closest thing the pic has to a name is "yellow ... - Read more

what anime is this picture from? luckydreamstar. 3112 cr points ... Btw that pic is creeping me out ;_; Report to Moderator . heisvile. 9081 cr points - Read more

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This should should be used if you see a picture you like and you don't know what anime it is from, post the picture here and see if the community can help you out.

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what is a good anime series that is like vampire knight and special a? with cute people

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I second geoffreak It doesn't ring a bell with me either. If it is an anime i'm not familure with the artstyle. Though it could be a promo, or from a manga.

does anyone know what anime/manga this pic is from ...

I think it is Himekei Doll,I saw that pic recently too,and I found this site(I found it by their names you see,it says Ayumu and Renji)when I googled it,it said ...


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Friend of mine wants to know what anime this cosplayer is portraying. Any help is appreciated, thanks! Hi! Glad you got an answer so quickly! In the future ...

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what anime is this pic from? Back to I'm Looking For... You must be registered to post! From User Message Body; ajcoolim107: Post #425546. Member 10:46 pm, Nov 19 2010

What anime is this picture from?

I'll keep looking thru youtube... question is... is this from the manga or the anime? Cyberpunk = yaaay. ... Here's a promo pic from it ...

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Anime Love - This Pic is for my big love Michael!!! <333 ...

Anime Love - This Pic is for my big love Michael!!!

does any1 knows which anime is this pic from??

... does any1 knows which anime is this pic from?? Posting Permissions You may not post new threads; You may not post replies; You may not post attachments;

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