What are crops?

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Crops Banana & plantain (Musa acuminata and balbisiana hybrids) Banana and plantain are an essential source of carbohydrates and minerals and a major cash crop for ... - Read more

Genetically modified crops and food 4 Antibiotics Many GM crops contain genes which provide resistance to commonly used antibiotics such as ampicillin. - Read more

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Genetically modified food - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For related content, see genetic engineering, genetically modified organism, genetically modified crops, and genetically modified food controversies.

What Are Food Crops? - wiseGEEK

Food crops are plants that are grown to be harvested and eaten by humans or animals. The most widely grown food crops are...

What Are Cash Crops? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK

Cash crops are crops that are widely grow to make money for farmers. Common types of cash crops include tobacco, soybeans, wheat...

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Crop - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...

Full Definition of CROP 1 : a pouched enlargement of the gullet of many birds that serves as a receptacle for food and for its preliminary maceration; also : an ...

Crops - Industrial-Craft-Wiki

Crops are the result of planting an item in the crop block. The Crop is shown ingame as four wooden stilts that can only be placed on tilled dirt.

Field Crops

An electronic newsletter distributed by the Field Crops Extension Program at Cornell University. To subscribe, email jnt3@cornell.edu.

Q&A: GM crops | Environment | theguardian.com

What are genetically modified crops? GM crops come in two main types. The first are given a gene that enables them to tolerate herbicides that wipe out all other ...

What is GMO? | The Non-GMO Project

Agricultural Crops That Have a Risk of Being GMO. GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals created through the gene splicing techniques of ...

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Plant Life: Vegetable Crops - blogspot.com

A “root crop” in the commercial/agricultural sense includes any plant crop in which an underground part is dug from the soil and eaten as a vegetable.

Transgenic Crops - Tripod.com

Transgenic crops are simply crops that contain a gene that has been artifically inserted into that crop, instead of being inserted ...

What are the Important Crops of India? - PreserveArticles.com

What are the Important Crops of India? India produces different types of crops due to difference in soil and climate. At some places rice is produced more in quantity ...

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Genetically Modified Crops - The Environmental Literacy ...

Genetically Modified Crops: Resources for Environmental Literacy vii T hese materials were the product of many hands—teachers, curriculum developers, scientists, and

What Are the Pros and Cons of Genetically Engineered Food?

Improved Stress Tolerance. Genes that give greater tolerance of stress, such as drought, low temperatures or salt in the soil, can also be inserted into crops.

Crops - Agriculture - - Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is vast - 651,900 km 2 (251,718 mi 2) - almost the size of Texas and has 44% of Canada's total cultivated farmland. A thriving Saskatchewan crops ...

OMAFRA Crops Home Page - Ontario

Crops. Adverse Weather Reducing the Risk to Pollinators Bioproducts and Bioeconomy Field Crops. Canola; Cereals; Corn; Dry Edible Beans; Forages; Other Field ...

What are GMOs & Why Do Farmers Plant GMO Crops?

A GMO (genetically modified organism) is a plant, crop, food or something related to those things that was created with biotechnology.

Cash Crops - OFF LAN e.V. ist offline

Cash Crops. Cash crops sind exportgeeignete Feldfrüchte, die in Monokulturen angebaut werden. Die Folgen der cash crops Bei Anbauprodukten, die in Monokulturen ...

What are Crop Circles? -Bashar - YouTube

Segment from an Interview on ETs & UFOs by Bashar 2006 Bashar.org.

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What Are Staple Crops? | eHow - eHow | How to - Discover ...

Staple crops are the most common foods in the diet of the general population of any given region. These crops are usually either starchy root vegetables that can be ...

HowStuffWorks "What are crop circles?"

Crop circles are patterns that appear in fields. The pattern is created when certain areas of the crops are tamped down, but others are left intact.