What are the police ranks?

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HOME. UNITED STATES POLICE RANKS AND INSIGNIA. INTRODUCTION There are thousands of uniformed public law enforcement organisations in the United States.

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Australia . Generally, all police forces of Australia follow this rank structure with some individual state police forces have ranks differing slightly.

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A police Lieutenant reports to the Chief of Police. Their main duties are as follows: 1) Supervises the law enforcement operations of Sergeants and officers

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The police ranks of law enforcement agencies in the U.S. vary widely depending on whether the agency is a metropolitan police department, a sheriff’s ...

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In Luther, several Police ranks exist between characters which distinguish them by authority and...


mistakes in the application of british-style armed forces rank insignia updated 3/2013. a proposal to reform the enlisted ranks of the united states armed forces


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I can give you a little survey about the police in Germany. In Germany we have 16 federal states. In every state is an own police.

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Here you will find police ranks for Indian police officers and detailed information of each post level. Constable: ...

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Police ranks. A university degree ... Ranks of the Icelandic Police Forces are similar to ranks of the Police Forces in Great Britain; they are as follows: A few ...

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The ranks of police officers are as follows (ending with the highest ranking): Constable Sergeant Inspector Chief Inspector Superintendent Chief Superintendent

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The basic structure of the NYPD, from lowest rank to highest, is: recruit officer, probationary police officer, police officer, detective, sergeant, lieutenant ...

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Rank insignia of the Canadian Forces ... Overview & Rank Insignia . Canada is defended by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), a bilingual unified service.

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Police rank Army rank; Commissioner: Lieutenant General: Deputy Commissioner : Major General: Assistant Commissioner: Brigadier: Superintendent: Lieutenant Colonel

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The exact duties of a police officer vary according to rank and jurisdiction, but generally speaking, a police officer must be...

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A Police Department is different because their job is not to make money, but to ensure the safety of the public. Without a system outlining Police Officer ranks, it ...

What are the police ranks in Bihar? How to become an ACP?

How can I get a job in Indian Police? Should I take Non Medical if my aim is to become an ACP police officer? How to become an ACP? How to join Indian Police?

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... of sworn officers in the Department. The Police Officer rank is divided into three paygrade advancement ranks: Police Officer I, II and III. A ...

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The above ranks are used by all territorial forces in the United Kingdom, and specialist national forces such as the British Transport Police and Ministry of Defence ...