What color is crimson?

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Codes and Numbers. Please check out Hexadecimal Chart to see what codes are available to name. The hexadecimal code that matches this color is DC143C - Read more

Answer: The color scarlet falls between red and orange and is traditionally a bit on the orange side although the Crayola crayon color of scarlet is a brighter red. - Read more

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crimson - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com

Crimson is a deep, vivid shade of red. You could describe flowers, blood, or blushing cheeks as crimson. The ruby red color crimson shows up brilliantly in nature, in ...

What Does Crimson Mean Symbolically? | eHow

Throughout the ages, colors have been used symbolically to represent an individual's status, intentions or emotions. Crimson is a color which has been used with ...

What Colors Go With Crimson? | eHow

Crimson is described as the color of blood; deep crimson as the hue of dried blood. In Elizabethan England, crimson symbolized the Anglican church, as well as power ...

Crimson | Define Crimson at Dictionary.com

adjective 1. deep purplish-red. 2. sanguinary. noun 3. a crimson color, pigment, or dye. verb (used with object), verb (used without object) 4. to make or become ...

What Color Is Crimson | Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at ...

What Color Is Crimson - 11,962 results from Nike, Comfort Colors, Champion like Mens Leather Belt - Crimson Ratchet Belt, Nike POW Modern Lingerie Tank Female Total ...

Crimson (color) - definition of Crimson (color) by The ...

crim·son (kr m z n) n. A deep to vivid purplish red to vivid red. tr. & intr.v. crim·soned, crim·son·ing, crim·sons. To make or become deeply or vividly red.


Color and Color Therapy HOMEPAGE - Energyandvibration

Color Therapy introduces color frequencies to chakras, the aura, meridians & acupuncture points, reflex zones, CSF and DNA.

crimson - definition of crimson by The Free Dictionary

crimson - a deep and vivid red color . deep red, ruby. red, redness - red color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of blood. Verb: 1.

dict.cc Wörterbuch :: crimson :: Deutsch-Englisch ...

Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzung für crimson im Online-Wörterbuch dict.cc (Deutschwörterbuch).

Color.Crimson-Eigenschaft (System.Drawing)

Ruft eine systemdefinierte Farbe ab, die über den ARGB-Wert #FFDC143C verfügt.

Crimson Color Schemes | Crimson Color Combinations ...

Library of Crimson Color Schemes, Color Combinations, Color Palettes - a subset of the color combinations library with crimson color swatches.

Crimson (color) definition of Crimson (color) in the Free ...

crimson a. a deep or vivid red colour b. (as adjective): a crimson rose

Crimson - #DC143C - HTML-Color-Names.com

Crimson HTML Hex Code and Matching Colors. HTML Color Names:: Color Chart:: Crimson HTML Hex Code and Matching Colors Crimson - #DC143C. Color Name Crimson

Crimson And Clover by Tommy James & the Shondells Songfacts

Crimson And Clover by Tommy James & the Shondells song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position

Crimson | Color Crimson at ColorPicker.com

Crimson | Color Crimson at ColorPicker.com. Crimson #DC143C ... Tip: Link directly to HTML color codes. Example: http://www.colorpicker.com/DC143C Tip: ...

Color Conversion (RGB/CMYK): Crimson | web.forret.com

References. CMYK color model (subtractive model) RGB color model (additive model) RGB named colors palette; easyrgb.com (exotic color models) HSV (Hue/Saturation/Value)

Alizarin crimson (color) | Online references | cyclopaedia.net

The color alizarin crimson is a "cool" hue of the color red that is biased slightly more towards purple than towards orange on the color wheel.

About | The Harvard Crimson

"Comping" The Crimson . If you are a Harvard College student, ... 1873, and changed its name to "The Crimson" to reflect the new color of the college on May 21, 1875.

Words related to Crimson - Urban Dictionary: Crimson

Someone or something that is the greatest example of the color Crimson. The person is usually vastly intelligent, silent but when speaks; speaks with ...

what color is correct Crimson for a website?

I am making an Alabama website and I wanted to know what the correct custom mix is for Crimson. Thanks RTGA

Color / 980C20 / Alabama Crimson :: COLOURlovers

Alabama Crimson color by jeremycole. ... when i first became a cl participant i tried to get the official al color which is hex