What do gerbils eat?

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Insects . Yes, gerbils eat insects!! As I said elsewhere, gerbils eat seeds but are also omnivorous. This means that they may also eat other things ... - Read more

Can gerbils eat strawberries or rasberries? Is it healthy for them? I want to feed my gerbils them so that they will heal. Also, can I feed them fried eggs? - Read more

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What Are the Differences Between a Hamster and a Gerbil?

What Do Gerbils Eat? ... i was going to get either a hamster or a gerbil and do you know which one would be better for me? i want one that doesn't bite really and ...

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What to feed your gerbil? Gerbils need feeding every day. A good quality, heavy, earthenware food bowl is essential to keep the food dry and clean, and prevent the ...

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Gerbils & Hamsters /what do gerbils eat? Advertisement. Expert: Jasmine - 8/17/2006. Question food for a gerbil? Answer Dear Stan, There and huge variety of foods ...

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Gerbils are primarily herbivorous, feeding on plants. Occasionally, however, they sometimes also eat foods like insects, eggs and small baby creatures.

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A gerbil is a small mammal of the order Rodentia. Once known simply as "desert rats", the gerbil subfamily includes about 110 species of African, Indian, and Asian ...

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Can you get sick if you eat lots of pumpkin seeds every day? Do you stop eating when you are full, or do you like the feeling of being stuffed?


Can gerbils eat carrot greens? If not, what to do with them?

My beloved gerbils Maui and Galaxy have eaten many strange things, and just today we pulled up TONS of carrots and were wondering if the gerbils could eat ...

Do gerbils eat their bedding? | The Gerbil Forum

I've noticed my two gerbils, Chip and Dale, appear to be eating their aspen bedding. Are they indeed eating it, or simply chewing on it like they do everything else?

Feeding Pet Gerbils - What Makes a Good Diet for Gerbils

You want to make sure gerbils eat enough of the pellets or blocks to get the nutritional ... Because gerbils come from dry climates, they do not need a lot of ...

Princess Guinea and Ariel | what can gerbils eat?

princess guinea and ariel. I am a animal lover!! with two happy guinea pigs, and a curious dog!! They do not like each other, but i love all three of them!

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Gerbils eat a variety of vegetables ... put a few with the male and leave the rest with the female Gerbil. * We do not recommend you spay or neuter your ...

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Most Gerbils do not actually look pregnant until they are a few days from giving birth. ... However, if a pup dies it is normal for the parents to eat it.

Gerbils & Hamsters: what do hamsters like to eat, hamster ...

Gerbils & Hamsters; what do hamsters like to eat; ... There is a long list of foods hamsters can eat. at that age, you can feed them the same things as older hamsters.

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Gerbils definition, ... What Eats A Gerbils? ... How To Tame Your Gerbils. What Is Gerbil? Why Do Gerbils Molt? Etymonline. Word Origin & History. gerbil. 1849, ...

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Gerbils will often enjoy getting a Almond or two, but do remember that gerbils are small animals and will not eat very many so one or two almonds really does do the ...

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Gerbil - Animals Town - Animal - Learn more about Gerbil and download Gerbil wallpapers and Gerbil coloring pages.

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They have gerbil food but can they eat other things too ... they rot the teeth and the sugar is hard for a gerbil to digest. Lastly, do not feed your gerbils food ...

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Gerbils usually get their water requirement from the food they eat. But as pet food is very dry, ... Where do Gerbils come from? October 27, 2010, 2:08 pm;

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Back to normal: If your gerbil eats, drinks, walks and plays, everything is going to be fine. Broken ... (because de gerbil ate it). But the best thing to do is wait.