What does dyansty mean?

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My first name is Khalid. In Arabic, this is خالد. It was originally spelled Khaled with an "e", to be more in line with the Egyptian pronounciation, but at some ... - Read more

Answer 1 of 4: Ming (明) literally means "bright" and is composed of the radicals for sun (日) and moon (月). Qing (清) literally means "clear" or "pure." Most d... - Read more

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What does DD means? The Lupin ... it can mean a bunch of diff things (like my initals ) [Dunkin Donuts, Dungeons n Dragons, , Disk Drive, Due Date...think you get the ...

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What does geopolitical mean. I think it means like the socio-economic (dunno if this is a real word) factors....but the word I want is basically the one that

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what does xia xiang mean, xiaflex do, wu hao mean, xiaflex cost, xia mean in chinese, xiadani mean, suay mean, yu mean, xia mean

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Pretty self explanatory. Does anyone know what Lu Bu's name means in chinese? I have tried to find out what it is but haven't gotten anything meaningful really.

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