What does the CPU do in a conputer?

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http://www.worthgodwin.com/computer-lessons-blog/2009/08/what-cpu-is-in ... of what it is and what it does ... 3:55 Do You Need an Expensive CPU for ... - Read more

Askville Question: what does "svchost" do on a computer? Sometimes it takes up a ton of my CPU usage anyone know why? : Desktops & Laptops - Read more

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What is a CPU? A Central Processing ... the speed execution of application programs does not increase. ... there is only one CPU on the computer not two ...

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What Is A CPU and What Does It Do? [Technology Explained] Angelina. ... What CPU does your computer have? Have you ever thought about overclocking your computer?

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You May Also Like. What Does the CPU Do for a Computer? The ongoing progress of computer technology is due largely to equally impressive developments in the ...

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What is a CPU and what does it do? Learn the definition of CPU and its functions in a computer with our plain English CPU guide.

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What does a CPU do,? As the brain of your PC, the CPU allows you to operate software. And, of course, there is a connection between the power of the computer and the ...

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To do this, the mem­ory ... and Dave Coustan. "How RAM Works" 25 August 2000. HowStuffWorks.com.


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But How Do It Know website: ... Go inside the computer to uncover the inner workings of the CPU including the Control ... See How the CPU Works In One Lesson

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Okay yea like the Q6600 has 2.4ghz stock or somtin i forgot but what exactly does OCing the GHZ do ... computer (regardless of clock ... Processor (8M ...

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Helping you with questions you may have about the computer CPU. ... how do I disable the serial number? CH000171: How many processors does Windows 2000 support?

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What's All That Computer Stuff Called? ...any what does it do? ... The power supply turns wall electrical current into something the computer can use. Got it ...

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What does a cpu meter gadget do? Reply; Reply with quote; Report abuse; ... Don't run it if you want the most out of your computer for useful things..

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The major components of a computer are: The Motherboard The CPU or Central Processing Unit ... what a CPU actually does is ... with everything they can do ...

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... which temporarily stores information that the CPU uses while the computer is ... the typical mouse does look a bit like ... that tell the hardware what to do.)

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How To Fix a Computer That Won't Turn On What To Do When Your ... like the motherboard or CPU. Do not fear because all ... Why is My Computer Beeping? What Does ...

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... Speakers are also included in basis elements of a computer. ... the computer what to do in ... Computer's Elements? Computer Science. CPU is the heart ...

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Mobile & Computers Software Online Gaming More. About.com; About Technology; PC ... What Does a CPU Do Again? wmtop; Installing a CPU and Heatsink; Our Expert Recommends.

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I have seen computers die prematurely from 2nd hand smoke. ... of what happens to a CPU heatsink. In this case, the computer is 3 ... Does Cigarette Smoke Do?

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How Much Electricity Does a Computer Use; ... like lets say your teacher say that do this do that ... main parts of a computer is CPU, MONITOR ...

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To first understand overclocking a CPU in a computer, ... Now those who are looking to actually do some overclocking ... This process is repeated until the system ...

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The processor is sort of the brains of the computer. It does simple math ... From the reading what do you know ... Two companies make CPU's for computers.

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... which tell the computer what to do. ... All are based on the microprocessor technology that enables manufacturers to put an entire CPU on one chip.

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How to Know which CPU is Better? In this world of computers, ... What does this do? ... Motherboard The Chapters: 1. Computer Anatomy 2.

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What does CPU stand for? Definition of CPU ... CPU: Computer Power User ... all of which have made NAS the preferred solution for any network storage environment that ...