What is a female dog called?

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A long time ago this small town vet told me that the reason a female dog is called a * B * is because that when she is in heat that a the males smell her and will do ... - Read more

Male dogs and female dogs have different characteristics as pets. ... A male dog is either unneutered (sometimes called intact) or neutered ... - Read more

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What is the breed of dog called that doesn't bark?

... What is the breed of dog called that doesn't bark? : Dogs. ... why basenjis don't bark like other dogs. ... a cartoon dog that only says: BARK BARK ...

westphilly4life called tiffanyterris a female dog - YouTube

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If you have a female pet dog at ... in dogs during which reproduction can occur if the female dog has ... comes the second stage which is called ...

Menopause in Dogs | eHow - eHow | How to - Discover the ...

This is called menopause. Dogs experience age differently than humans do, ... What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Menopause in a Female Dog?

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What is a female domestic dog (any dog from a breed commonly kept as a pet, not a wild dog breed like a fox or coyote, that is female) called?

What is a female dog called ? - Ask Me Help Desk

All Topics Topic Science Zoology ยป What is a female dog called ? What is a ... We have two german shepard dogs, the male is 7 yrs and the female is 1 ...


What is the Female of the Canine species called?

female dog. Other terms have been used of the centuries, some of which may be censored by Yahoo. This article contents is post by this website user, EduQnA.com doesn ...