What is a hippos habit?

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General resource on the endangered status, habitat, range, and diet, including a selection of Hippopotamus pictures and informational links. - Read more

In What Climate Does a Hippo Live? by Tammie Painter. Hippos prefer warm, ... A thin band of hippo habitat spans the continent to connect these two ranges. - Read more

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Hippopotamus | African Wildlife Foundation

The large hippo and the pygmy hippopotamus. ... Lower Zambezi National Park is a critical habitat for hippos, elephants, African wild dogs, cheetahs, and more.

Hippo | San Diego Zoo Animals

Watch a hippo, on land or in the water, ... Although hippos are not yet endangered, their habitat has been greatly reduced over the last 200 years.

Hippopotamus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Hippo" redirects here. ... Different from all other large land mammals, hippos are of semiaquatic habits, spending the day in lakes and rivers. ...

Hippopotamus Habitat - Hippopotamus Facts and Information

Hippopotamus Natural Habitat. You will find a group of Hippos living in the lakes and rivers. Sometimes the groups are very small with only about five members.

What do Hippos Eat - Buzzle

What do Hippos Eat If you were not aware of the fact that hippos are herbivores, this Buzzle article on their eating habits will put forth the details of the same.

Facts on Hippo's Habitat | eHow

The third largest land animal after the elephant and white rhino, hippopotamuses are fascinating creatures. The word hippopotamus comes from the Greek word, "hippos ...


Habitat/niche - Tripod.com

Habitat/niche. Home: About Hippos: My Sources: Contact Me: Picures of Hippos: Where Hippos live: What Hippos Eat: Why I chose hippos: Habitat/niche:

What Is a Hippopotamus? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK

... What Is a Hippopotamus? (with pictures ... Hippos are tied with the rhinoceros for the spot ... their habitat differs because they prefer the swampy ...

On Hippos – St. Lucia Lake, South Africa | BootsnAll

The Ugandan natives have a legend to explain the hippo’s peculiar habits. ... Hippos are gregarious and like to live in shallow water to cover their ...

Fun Hippopotamus Facts for Kids - Interesting Information ...

Fun Hippo Facts for Kids. ... Although hippos might look a little chubby, ... Hippos are threatened by habitat loss and poachers who hunt them for their meat and teeth.

What is another word for habit? - WordHippo

What's another word for habit? Here's a list of synonyms for this word.

Hippo Facts For Kids | Hippopotamus Habitat | Hippopotamus ...

You won't find too many useful hippo facts for kids elsewhere ... Interesting facts about the hippopotamus habitat show that these mammals were once very common in ...

Hippo Habitat - Namibia Nature Foundation

Figure 8: Vegetation, human and cattle densities in the Caprivi Figure 9: Cycles in the use of habitat by hippo Analysis 3: Plant species eaten ...

What Do Hippos Eat? - Yukozimo

What Do Hippos Eat? Posted In: Mammals. ... Nowadays, their territory has become significantly smaller, due to human movements into their natural habitat.

Pygmy Hippopotamus Animal - Wonder Club

Pygmy Hippopotamus key facts including ... The pygmy hippo ... The pygmy hippo loses water through its skin so quickly that it must live in a damp,shady habitat. The ...

Hippopotamus (Hippo) - Animals Town

Hippopotamus (Hippo) Hippopotamus information and facts: Type: Mammal Scientific Name: Hippopotamus amphibius ... Habitat: Rivers, swamps and protected areas;

Hippopotamus Facts, Animal Pictures, Types, Habitat and Diet

Hippopotamus Facts. The animal has a plump body covered with thick, grey brown skin. The only hair bristles found on the body are near the mouth and at the tail's tip.

Choeropsis liberiensis (Pygmy Hippopotamus)

Pygmy Hippo protection has historically been most effective in the Sapo National ... there is little action being taken to protect Pygmy Hippo habitat or populations.

'The pygmy hippo has no habitat left' - Telegraph

'The pygmy hippo has no habitat left' Deforestation and pressure from foreign businesses have pushed this elusive African species to the brink, a new BBC ...

Hippopotamus - Land Mammal - The Hippopotamus - Ground Mammals

Hippos are large plant eating mammals that live primarily in the Saharan areas of Africa. The hippopotamus ... while not strictly endangered are threatened by habitat ...


You know how they say that No News Is Good News? Well, when you've gone weeks without any communication whatsoever from the publishing community, any response is ...

TrekNature | Hippo’s habitat in Sunset Photo

This photo from the TrekNature travel gallery is titled 'Hippo’s habitat in Sunset Photo'.

The Straight Dope: Are hippos the most dangerous animal?

Hippos sleep or lounge around on river banks and in the water most of the ... Cecil described this hippo habit in his diatribe against spraying cats in www ...

Common Hippopotamus - Interests > Do hippos eat meat?

An article concerning whether and why hippos eat meat, despite being ... The widespread habit of herbivores consuming soil in order to obtain "salt" is also a ...