What is a male dear called?

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What you found is a very common parasite of deer called the abdominal worm. ... Male white-tailed deer grow their first set of antlers at 1-½ years of age.

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Dear John Henry (advise from a Mule) ... A mule or hinny may be a male ... (the males) are called Johns, ...

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Dear Andreas: Thank you for the ... It showed me how out-of-date my vocabulary is becoming. Tell me, what is a "she-male ... on Wonka + Slaughterhouse Five + He's ...

A female red deer is called a hind. A male is called a . A ...

INTERESTING FACTS! Red deer can live for over twenty years in captivity In most breeds of deer, including red deer, only the males grow

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What is a Deer, a ruminant mammals forming the family Cervidae that has the attribute male in gender called?

Why is a male deer called a"stag" in Europe, and is called ...

Why is a male deer called a"stag" in Europe, and is called a "buck" in North America? Both stag and buck are correct for an adult male deer in UK English.


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The color fades to a duller grayish-brown in winter. Male deer, called bucks, are easily distinguished in the summer and fall by their large set of antlers.

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Male deer are called bucks, female deer are called does, and baby deer are called fawns. The male deer has antlers that come out of bone plates in his head.

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A male deer is usually called a ‘buck’. A large male deer is often called ‘stag’. A female deer is usually called a ‘doe’. A young deer is usually called ...

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Male deer of all species ... a deer called The Great White Stag is the leader of all the animal residents of the nature reserve White Deer Park.

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What is a female rabbit called ... The Doe - "the female of the deer, antelope, goat, rabbit, ... What is a male rabbit called?

What Is The Difference Between A Buck And A Stag?

The difference is generally the size of the antlers. Most male deer are called bucks. Smaller male deer can be referred to as stags. ...

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... (zoology) are called zoologists. Each animal that is studied is classified, that is, split into ... Facts about the Size of Male Deer

what do you call a female successor?

... A female elephant is called a cow. The male elephant is called a bull. Expert ... what is the masculine gender of deer? Weegy: Hello, one moment while I ...

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Deer live in woodlands, meadowlands, swamps and mountains. A male deer is called a buck or a stag, while a female is known as a doe or a hind.

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... while males shed them in the fall. ... You're reading What is a female deer with antlers called? Follow us on Facebook! Related Ads. Related ...

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Dear Ramandeep, This is an Earwig, commonly called a Pincher Bug. Despite the ominous appearance, ... this is a male. Earwigs are basically harmless, ...