What is a mother whale called?

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Mother whales are noted to be particularly aggressive protectors, which originally lead to them being classified as dangerous and commonly called ... - Read more

Those ridges along their neck that stretch from their chin to their stomach are called ... A blue whale breeds during the ... but will probably stay with ... - Read more

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What is a group of dolphins called? - Whale Facts

A group of dolphins is called a pod. A dolphin pod consists a group of dolphins that have bonded together either because of biological reasons such as a mother ...

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What Is a Baby Whale Called?. ... Whale calves stay close to their mothers to ... How to Feed a Baby Whale. Baby whales begin nursing from their mothers several ...

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What is a mother whale called - trivia question /questions answer / answers

What is a father, mother&baby whale called? | Answerbag

What is a father, mother&baby whale called? There are many species of whales but regardless of the type, the male or father whale is called a bull. The ...

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A social group of whales is called a pod. Baleen whales travel alone or in small pods. ... Mother whales care for their young for an extended period of time, ...

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Is a baby whale called a ... I'm sitting on one of my balconies over the bay of Banderas on the Pacific Coast of Mexico watching a mother whale and her ...


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Whales are amongst the most ... year and feed on milk produced by the mother. Whales are warm blooded and ... of a whale are called the ...

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A blue whale's milk ... A baby blue whale drinks over 50 gallons of its mother's ... this is calledecholocation. Blue whales may also make sounds to ...

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My husband called my mother a beached whale Posted by . Jazzyone23; on Aug. 15, 2014 at 9:32 PM Bronze Member. 33 Replies; My mom is very mean person to me.


Humpback whales (like all baleen ... The exception is the strong and lasting bond between mother and calves. DIVING, BREACHING, ... HUMPBACK WHALE LINKS

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Whales are large marine mammals which live in the ... instead of teeth, these whales have filters called baleen. ... there is a strong bond between mother and calf.

Museum’s ‘whale bone porn’ leaves Vancouver mother ...

Museum’s ‘whale bone porn’ leaves Vancouver mother ‘extremely disturbed ... a new exhibit called Scrimshaw which features numerous images of inappropriate ...

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They bear live young called calves which are nursed by their mothers. How big is a Blue Whale? ... The humpback is also called the "singing whale".

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A WHALE CALLED LUNA by bourne slippery 31,581 views; 49:54. Play next ... Nature Wild life ,Whale Orca mother rescue of her little daughter to die!!!!

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Gray Whale How did the gray ... Whalers often called the Gray whale “devilfish” because the whales fiercely ... are independent of the mother after only

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How long does a gray whale live? A. ... Newborns are fondly called "pickleheads" because the dimples in their skin resemble ... Are whales good mothers? A.

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These toothed whales are called the odontoceti and lack baleen. ... The relative size of the gray whale mother can be seen next to this skiff.

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The Blue Whale is a type of mammal called a cetacean and is a type of Baleen Whale. ... A Baby Blue Whale will live off its mother's milk for the first 6 months, ...

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Three orca families called J, ... The fatty milk of mother whales ... Seattle Aquarium; How to Help Our Orca Whales:

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Why doesn’t the mother blue whale ... baleen whales have flexible bristles (called ... The lesson uses the nonfiction picture book Big Blue Whale by Nicola ...


A whale mother feeds her calf milk from her body. Whales ... This is called 'spy hop'. Whales sometimes lift their tails (each half is called a fluke) ...