What is a Segway?

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Elektro Roller Einrad eBike KTI 503 Segway war gestern!Leasing ab 89,-Euro im Monat einfach Genial von China - Read more

The Segway (From the Greek word "Segtos" meaning "God of Fat" and the Latin word "Way" which rhymes with "Hay", a popular food for cattle) is a vehicle can ... - Read more

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Segway: what is all about? - Startup Over

Lack of planning, absence of a clear target market, technical problems: so many reasons behind Segway unsuccess

Segway PT - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Segway PT is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen. It is produced by Segway Inc. of New Hampshire ...

Segway Personal Transporter – Wikipedia

Der Segway Personal Transporter (Segway PT , früher HT für Human Transporter) ist ein elektrisch angetriebenes Einpersonen-Transportmittel mit nur zwei auf ...

What is a Segway? - Telegraph - Telegraph.co.uk

Jimi Heselden, the owner of the Segway company, has died after riding one of the machines off a cliff and into a river but what is a Segway?

What Is a Segway Tour? | USA Today

A Segway tour is a journey on a Segway vehicle, a personal transportation device. The tours usually take place in cities or large facilities.

Segways for sale? Is it a Segway Human Transporter?

If you are looking for a cheap segway personal transporter or a used segway for sale we have some good news. We work with several manufacturers who offer segway ...


FAQs - City Segway Tours Berlin

City Segway Tours FAQs. What is a Segway? The SegwayTM Human Transporter is the first of its kind-a self-balancing, personal transportation device designed to go ...

What is a Gliding Tour – Segway Gliding Tours

What is a Segway Guided Tour? The Segway PT is a two-wheeled, self-balancing transportation machine. It is produced by Segway Inc. of New Hampshire, USA.

mit Segway zur Arbeit, Segway gleitet, intelligente ...

die Fahrt zur Arbeit auf dem Segway, auf dem Segway gleiten, intelligent Fortbewegen,

Segway Tour in Phoenix Arizona - Learn to Ride a Segway

Learn how to ride a Segway while you take a scenic Tempe tour, or take a Segway tour in Scottsdale. Both Segway tours are in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Segway LA

Does the Segway PT work indoors? Can I use the Segway PT in varying environments with different climates and terrains?

segways | eBay - Elektronik, Autos, Mode, Sammlerstücke ...

Tolle Angebote bei eBay für segways und segways kaufen. Sicher einkaufen.

Segway Touren in Berlin - Segway - Was ist das?

Sieht man den Segway das erste Mal, ist man verblüfft. Ein Brett mit zwei Rädern und einer Lenkstange – das bedarf höchster artistischer Künste.

How much does a Segway Scooter Cost in Price?

The Segway Scooter is quite the Scooter and looks pretty cool too. What a great way to get around with gas being out of this world for price. Segway Scooter was ...

Segway München mieten Stadtführung SEG to rent

Segway Stadtführungen in München auch ohne Führung werden angeboten. Die Modelle werden vorgestellt.

SIGIWAY - Touren mit Segways

Der Segway ® Das Fortbewegungsmittel der Zukunft - schon heute. Ein Hightech-Roller mit Elektroantrieb, welcher von selbst die Balance hält und jeder ...

How to Ride a Segway | eHow

Riding a Segway is a great way to save on shoe leather. The Segway has become a popular mode of transport for city tours and on the links, as an alternative to golf ...

Segway mieten - erento.com

Segway mieten - Hier sind Sie richtig. Günstig Segway mieten - Infos mit Bild, Text und Detailinfos. Über 992.000 Artikel online mieten.

Segway - Mashable

The Segway PT is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen and unveiled in December 2001. It is produced by Segway Inc. of New ...

Der SEGWAY (mit Video) - :: Blauer Planet Versand - Online ...

Der SEGWAY (mit Video) Seine Technik besteht aus einem intelligenten Netzwerk von Sensoren, mechanischen Komponenten sowie einem Kontrollsystem, das es ermöglicht ...

Super Segway

Autoryzowany Dystrybutor Segwaya w Polsce oferuje możliwość zakupu najnowszych modeli pojazdów i akcesoriów Segway, profesjonalny serwis, wynajem Segwayów ...

Impressions after riding a Segway HT: Part 2

From two hours of riding on a Segway, I found that it is remarkably stable, rugged, and versatile. It's not anything like a bicycle or scooter. It's closest to walking.

SEG and the City - Segway Touren in Nürnberg

SEG and the City bietet Segway und Quad Touren im Großraum Nürnberg und verleiht die Fahrzeuge auch individuell.

Segway - Wiktionary

A motorised personal vehicle having two wheels on one axle that balances itself using gyroscopes and tilt sensors.··To travel by Segway.

SEGWAY POINT RHEIN RUHR - Tour / Verkauf / Vermietung ...

Ihr SEGWAYPOINT für private und gewerbliche Nutzungslösungen: Segway i2, x2, Distribution • Vermietung • Events • Promotion & Mobile - Werbekampagnen > Segway ...

Law and Lawyers: What is a Segway?

General information about Segways The Administrative Court recently gave judgment in Coates v CPS [2011] EWHC (Admin) 2032. Mr Coates was charged with:

Washington DC Segway Tours - What Is a Segway® PT? - (202 ...

Washington DC Segway Tours Washington DC Segways PT – Fun Transportation, Commuting, Tours, Golf, Off Roading, Security Patrols & Advertising with Capital Segway

History of the Segway Human Transporter - About.com Inventors

What was once a mysterious invention created by Dean Kamen that had everyone speculating as to what it was - was revealed and demonstrated as the now familiar Segway ...

Segway | Define Segway at Dictionary.com

trademark name (Segway Inc., Bedford, New Hampshire, U.S.), in use from 2001; according to the company, chosen for similarity to segue on notion of "a smooth ...

Segwaypolo – Wikipedia

Segwaypolo ist eine Mannschaftssportart , bei der ein auf einem Segway fahrender Spieler einen Ball mittels Mallet in das Tor der gegnerischen Mannschaft schlagen muss.