What is a spiral fracture?

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spiral fracture - definition of spiral fracture by Medical ...

avulsion fracture separation of a small fragment of bone cortex at the site of attachment of a ligament or tendon.

What Is the Treatment for a Spiral Fracture? (with picture)

A spiral fracture often requires surgery, after which the bone is set in a cast.

What Is the Treatment for a Spiral Fracture of the Tibia?

When a spiral fracture of the tibia has been diagnosed, medical professionals have a number of options in treating it. One is to set the fracture and apply a cast to ...

Spiral fracture | Define Spiral fracture at Dictionary.com

spiral fracture n. A fracture in which the bone has been twisted apart and the line of break is helical.

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What is spiral fracture. Image source: ... The fracture and its spiral shape will make the treatment last longer.

What is a Spiral Fracture | Reference Answers

A spiral fracture is one that breaks the bone by twisting it. It can be caused by a person twisting the bone or by a person falling at an awkward angle.


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What Is an Open Fracture? (with picture) - wiseGEEK

An open fracture is a condition in which a broken bone or cartilage has broken ... Types of fracture classifications include depressed, linear, spiral, ...

I've heard of spiral fractures - what are they and how are ...

A spiral fracture is different from a "regular" fracture that many people can sustain from a fall or trauma. Also called a torsion fracture, a spiral fracture can ...

Spiral Fibula Fracture - CristinaMercedes's Journal - MedHelp

Had a spiral fib fracture of left ankle on Dec 31st, 2009. It's been 2 months. ... I had a spiral fracture of my left fibula (4 places) ...

Impacted, oblique, spiral fractures - SlideShare

Impacted, oblique, spiral fractures Presentation Transcript. IMPACTED, OBLIQUE, SPIRAL FRACTURES By: Azalyn Hickman What is a bone fracture?•

What Is a Distal Fibula Fracture? (with pictures)

The most severe distal fibula fractures may require surgery to repair the bone using plates and screws; ... What Is a Spiral Fibula Fracture?

Spiral fracture, Ask a Doctor about diagnosis, treatment ...

What is Spiral fracture? A spiral fracture is a bone fracture occurring when torque (a rotating force) is applied along the axis of a bone

What Is A Spiral Fracture With Picture | Search Results ...

A spiral fracture often requires surgery, after which the bone is set in a cast..

spiral fracture (pathology) -- Encyclopedia Britannica

MLA style: "spiral fracture". Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. Encyclopædia Britannica Inc., 2014. Web. 21 Jul. 2014

Ask an Expert: Spiral Fracture and Abuse - NetWellness.org

Question: Spiral fractures in babies are warning signs of abuse. A 9 month old baby girl in the first stages of walking (a few faltering steps) recieves a spiral ...

Spiral fracture in an infant - Pediatric Endocrinology ...

Questions in the Pediatric Endocrinology forum are answered by Dr. Deanna L Aftab Guy. Topics covered include adrenal problems, diabetes insipidus ...

What is a Fracture? Fracture descriptions and classifications

What is a Fracture? Fracture descriptions and classifications ... spiral (fracture line spirals down the bone), oblique (slanted fracture line), comminuted ...

What is the progress of a spiral fracture? - Doctor's ...

my 15 years old son has a spiral fracture in his lefft wrist. see an orthopedist today what can I ex[pect? Cast, wrap? He swims does this mean he is out for a while?

Spiral Fractures :: Bone Fracture & Repair

... although a CT scan may aid Doctors in differentiating between a possible oblique fracture and a spiral fracture. Cause: Spiral fractures are caused by ...

AnswerParty | How common is a spiral fracture of the leg?

A spiral fracture occurs in about 35% of all fractures of the leg. It is caused by a twisting force and is more common in skiers and athletes.

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... spiral fracture in 4 year old, tibia spiral fracture in children, spiral fracture tibia children, spiral break tibia, spiral leg ...

Spiral Fracture of Tibia - PhysioBob

spiral tibial fracture, spiral fracture tibia, spiral fracture tibia healing time, spiral leg fracture, spiral fracture of ...

Spiral Fracture -- Medical Definition - MediLexicon

spiral fracture Type: Term. Definitions: 1. a fracture, the line of which is helical in the bone; usually results from a twisting injury.

What if Toddlers Spiral Fracture is Left Untreated?

A toddler fracture is a fairly common kind of fracture that most toddlers and even preschoolers get. A fracture will probably heal no matter what is done to it.

Fractures - University of Texas Medical Branch

Spiral fractures occur when one end of an extremity is fixed (e.g., a foot is planted on the floor) but the rest of the extremity remains in motion.

Spiral fracture of the femur - Doctor insights on HealthTap

HealthTap: Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Bernstein on spiral fracture of the femur: A spiral fracture is a fracture wherein the bone ...

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The following Buzzle article deals with information about spiral fractures, their causes, and treatment.

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Spiral fracture: A fracture where at least one part of the bone has been twisted. Comminuted fracture: A fracture in which the bone has broken into several pieces.

- Strength of Materials § Harvard Natural Sciences ...

[M | t | ★★★] | keywords: torsional forces, strength of materials, apres-ski. What it shows: A spiral fracture is incurred when a torque is directed along the ...