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Chrysoprase is the green variety of Chalcedony. Its color ranges from a light, minty-green to a deep apple-green. The unique, rich color of Chrysoprase is caused by ... - Read more

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Chrysoprase is an amulet against the dangers of the evil eye and deterioration of the envious and slanderers. Chrysoprase gemstone is a talisman of inventors and ...

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Chrysopras (aus dem Griechischen: χρυσός chrysos = „Gold” und πράσον prason = „Lauch”) ist eine Varietät der mikrokristallinen Quarz -Varietät ...

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brittle, translucent, semiprecious chalcedony (q.v.), a variety of the silica mineral quartz. It owes its bright apple-green colour to colloidally dispersed hydrated ...

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chrysoprase [′kris·ə‚prāz] (mineralogy) An apple-green variety of chalcedony that contains nickel; used as a gem. Also known as green chalcedony.

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chrysoprase DEFINITIONS OF: chrysoprase. 1. n a green variety of chalcedony valued as a gemstone. Type of: calcedony, chalcedony. a milky or greyish translucent to ...

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CHRYSOPRASE - a Green variety of Chalcedony (Quartz)

Chrysoprase is a green variety of chalcedony (cryptocrystalline quartz). It is usually an apple-green, but can vary to a dark green. If the specimen contained flecks ...

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Crystal Meanings, Metaphysical & Healing Properties Lore of Chrysoprase. Keywords: Prosperity, Yin / Yang Balance. Chrysoprase is powerful stone.

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Chrysoprase, a Semi precious stone. What is Gem Chrysoprase, History of Chrysophrase, Sources of Chrysophrase.

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Definition of chrysoprase in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of chrysoprase. What does chrysoprase mean? Information and translations of chrysoprase in the ...

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What is a chrysoprase, definition of chrysoprase, meaning of chrysoprase, chrysoprase anagrams, words starting with chrysoprase.

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Größe: 40x20 mm; Fundort: Saryku-Boldy, Karkaraly-Massiv, Karaganda Oblast, Kasachstan

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Origin of chrysoprase. Middle English and amp; Old French crisopace (& Late Old English crisoprassus) ; from Classical Latin chrysoprasus; from Classical Greek ...

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Chrysoprase, chrysophrase or chrysoprasus is a gemstone variety of chalcedony (a cryptocrystalline form of silica) that contains small quantities ofnickel.

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Tolle Angebote bei eBay für chrysopras und chrysopras donut. Sicher einkaufen.

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(mineralogy) A variety of light-green translucent quartz ... Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary

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Chrysoprase is an attractive apple-green form of Chalcedony that is coloured by nickel. One of the most prized forms of Chalcedony. Colour can fade in sunlight and ...

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Chrysoprase is a rare green variety of chalcedony. Like other types of chalcedony, it is cryptocrystalline - meaning that it is composed of ultra-fine particles.

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CHRYSOPRASE HEALING STONES. Bright translucent green chalcedony. Uplifts heart Chakra. Greater flexibility, wisdom, generosity, self-confidence.

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Chrysoprase jewelry, care, where chrysoprase is found, books, chrysoprase mystical properties, lore, and jokes.

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Chrysoprase or chrysophrase is a precious stone range of chalcedony (gristly type of quartz) that includes minute proportions of nicke

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Chrysoprase is a gemstone variety of chalcedony or cryptocrystalline quartz, colored by trace amounts of nickel.

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Chrysoprase gemstone properties and identification ... Consumer Information. What color is it?: A beautiful pastel green color as shown above and below, to an apple ...

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Chrysoprase (also known as Krysoprase in The Light Fantastic, and Chrystophrase in Wyrd Sisters) is the de facto leader of the trolls disorganisation, the Breccia.

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finest shop on the internet for a huge range of Cabochons and Gemstones from around the world : Chrysoprase - Lemon Chrysoprase Turkish Chrysoprase

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chrysoprase: An apple-green chalcedony used as a gemstone.

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Chrysoprase was used by the Greeks, Romans, and the Egyptians in jewelry and other ornamental objects and because of its semi-opaque green color, it is often mistaken ...

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Definition of CHRYSOPRASE: an apple-green chalcedony valued as a gem . Origin of CHRYSOPRASE. alteration of Middle English crisopace, from Anglo-French, from Latin ...

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Chrysoprase is a colorful gemstone that is often used in tumbled or cut form in beads, jewelry and craft projects.

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Locations Most chrysoprase comes from Australia, in particular from the Marlborough district in Queensland. Other sources of good material are Tanzania and Brazil.

Green Chrysoprase... For Divine Truth, Joy, Happiness and ...

Green Chrysoprase helps you to see Divine Truth, heals depression and anxiety and has strong metaphysical properties for healing. Apple green type of chalcedony.


I'd like to share a little bit about, Chrysoprase, one of my favorite little known stones.