What is technical specification?

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Technical Specification - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or read online for free. ballastless trackwork - Read more

Alto-Shaam, a full line of commercial kitchen innovations. ... 1000-BQ2/96 Product Specifications (09/13) 1000-BQ2/128 Product Specifications (09/13) - Read more

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ISO deliverables - ISO

ISO develops the following deliverables: ISO Standards, ISO/PAS Publicly Available Specifications, ISO/TS Technical Specifications, ISO/TR Technical Reports, IWA ...

Functional specification - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A functional specification (also, functional spec, specs, functional specifications document (FSD), functional requirements specification, or Program specification ...

technical specification - definition of technical ...

A detailed description of technical requirements, usually with specific acceptance criteria, stated in terms suitable to form the basis for the actual design ...

What is my car - vehicle technical data and specifications

What is my car is an on-line catalogue for vehicle technical specifications, car galleries, technical documents and tutorials.

Intel® NUC — Technical specifications

Intel® NUC Boards and Kits: Technical product specifications: DE3815TYKHE DE3815TYBE: Technical product specification Size: 6,114 KB Date: July 2014 Revision: 4

What are technical specifications? definition and meaning

Definition of technical specifications: See specification. ... technical speci... technical stand... technical suppo... technicals; technique; technobabble; technocracy;


Technical Specification - CMMi | TekUI

Both SRS and Technical Design documents are technical documents that need to be precise. At times the same notation is used for multiple purposes

Technical Specifications - Siemens

Technical Specifications Appendix A 393 Relay Electrical Service Life The typical performance data supplied by relay vendors is shown in Figure A-1.

Technical specifications - otec.de

OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH Hotline: +49 7082/491120 Fax 491129 E-Mail: info@otec.de

What Is 3G? - Definition & Technical Specifications

3G is a popular wireless network technology used mainly with mobile phones for mobile connectivity. In this article, 3G is defined and presented in both technical and ...

Writing Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) | TechWhirl

Technical writing guidance for technical writers and technical communicators on creating software requirements specifications (SRS).

Ionocom - Writing Technical Specifications in the Present

Keep it Technical. Keep the Technical Specification simple, maintainable and relevant by putting non-technical requirements in a Statement of Work.

What is meant by technical specs or specifications

What is meant by technical specs or specifications Presentation Transcript. WHAT IS MEANT BY TECHNICAL SPECS OR SPECIFICATIONS? Writeawriting.com

What is Technical design Document specification... | SCN

Hi SAP Experts, Can you any one help on the below quarries? 1)What is Technical design Document specification? What's the use in Implementation?

What is a technical specification? - microsoft solution ...

A technical specification is a technical document mapping to the functional specification. It elaborates on the technical side of things relevant to the proposed ...

Apple - MacBook Air - Technical Specifications

View the technical specifications for MacBook Air, see what comes in the box, explore configuration options, and get a list of accessories.

Technical Specifications | Microsoft Open Specifications

Technical Specifications. Microsoft is opening up new opportunities for developers by making technical specifications for its most popular products available to view ...

Technical-Specification-Template - Docstoc.com

Technical Specification Template Contents 1 ... etc. 4.2 Technical Specifications Document the technical approach that translates user requirements into ...

Apple - Support - Technical Specifications

Apple TV. Safari. Productivity Software. Consumer Software. ... 15-inch, Late 2013) - Technical Specifications. Oct 23, 2013. iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) - Technical ...

What is Technical Specification for Automotive Supply Chain

For a supply chain, you would want to have an ISO TS 16949 certification that ensures you adhere to the regulations and also improve on each point regularly.

Technical specifications - Content - Διεύθυνση ...

Technical specifications Content Content ... Along with the application for the issue of the passport you have to submit one (1) current photo.

quality is my life: What is TS -16949: Technical Specification

This standard if for Automotive suppliers.ISO/TS 16949 harmonizes the supplier quality requirements of the U.S. Big Three (QS-9000, Third Edition) and ...

Technical writing specification - Wikiversity

Requirements Evaluation Check-list . A requirements specification is never really done. It is an iterative document that reflects the plans and intentions of the ...

NFC Forum Candidate Technical Specifications

Candidate Technical Specifications. Download NFC Forum candidate technical specifications. LLCP to OBEX Protocol Binding Candidate Technical Specification

Technical Specifications of GSM | eHow

Technical Specifications of GSM. The Global System of Mobile Communications (GSM) is a network based digital cellular standard which has its origin in European ...

Technical Specifications for interoperability - ERA - Home

Technical specifications for interoperability (TSIs) m ean the specifications by which each subsystem or part of subsystem is covered in order to meet the essential ...


FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATION www.blackcircle.com.au Ann Smith 2007 - 2008 2 Broadly speaking, the difference between these three documents could

What is meant by technical spec of specification

What is meant by technical spec of specification Document Transcript. 1 What Is Meant By Technical Specs Or Specifications? Definition Of Technical Specifications ...

Technical Specifications - AVG Technologies

Technical Specifications AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition.pdf; Technical Specifications AVG Anti-Virus.pdf; Technical Specifications AVG Internet Security.pdf

What is a specification (spec)? definition and meaning

Definition of specification (spec): ... Technical specifications: express the level of performance of the individual units, and are subdivided into (a) ...

what is technical specification and functional ... | SCN

Pankaj: a functional specification is a document in where you have to describe in business terms (no technical language) what the new requirement is supposed to do.

Software Requirements Specification – Wikipedia

Die Software Requirements Specification (SRS) ist ein vom IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) erstmals unter (ANSI/IEEE Std 830-1984 ...

Technical Specifications - EIOPA: Home

Part I and part II of the Technical Specifications need to be applied in combination and are both relevant for the exercise. Part II contains the Technical ...

What is technical specification? - Heat pumps and air ...

What is technical specification? Generally speaking, the technical specification is placing a task for finding an appropriate solution to a question.

specification - definition of specification by The Free ...

Information about specification in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. specifications, ... Specification (technical standard) Specification ...