What is the best fishing lure?

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What is the best artificial bait for fishing in saltwater? People have been suggesting Logic Lures scented tandem rig… www.logiclures.com are they the best like ... - Read more

Six of our most popular Panther Martin fishing lures all great fish catchers! ... Trout and tagged best fishing lure ever, best fishing lures 2013, ... - Read more

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If you want to get the bluefish biting on your bluefish fishing lure you need the right bait. Use these suggestions so your next catch is a big one.

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The Best Walleye Lures look like somethin' they wanna eat! You want minnow lures that look like the stuff that already lives in the waters you’re fishin’.

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What is the best fishing lure in the world? I have wondered that many times during my years of fishing. I have finally came up with my conclusion.


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If you tie any fishing knot ... What is the one best fishing knot to tie on ... will lose a fish before a knot fails: The fish throws the hook (or lure), ...

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Answer 1 of 1: Lauri Rapala's original minnow lure is arguably the company's most innovative, successful, and productive lure. The original design has change...

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Just last week I received an email titled the Top 10 Walleye Lures. Boy was I excited to see that title and I quickly clicked on the link and opened up my email.

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Respect Your Crankbaits. The Best Walleye Lures are high quality crank-baits. If you use them carefully and maintain them very well, they will last for years.