What is the diet of an elephant?

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Sacred but exploited, the Asian elephant has been worshipped for centuries and is still used today for ceremonial and religious purposes. ... Diet More than two ... - Read more

5. To supplement the diet, elephants will dig up earth to obtain salt and minerals. The tusks are used to churn the ground. The elephant then places dislodged pieces ... - Read more

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The two species of elephant seals, ... What Is the Diet of Weddell Seals? What Do Phytoplankton Eat? Featured. 7 Most Ridiculous Beds for Your Pet. Read Article.

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Elephants are primarily herbivores and they spend 16 to 18 hoursm, or almost 80% of their day, collecting plant matter and feeding. They only sleep for a few hours at ...

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In captivity, the diet of elephants needs to be watched carefully. The handlers need to be careful not to feed the elephants too much or too little food, ...

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'How to Eat an Elephant sparks conversation and gets ... "Wellness expert and Chiroprator Dr Brett Hill sheds light on every myth and misconception about diet, ...

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The Indian elephant ... They browse more in the dry season with bark constituting a major part of their diet in the cool part of that season.

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The African elephant and the Asian elephant are the only two surviving species of what was in prehistoric times ... Diet An elephant's day is spent eating (about ...


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This article endeavors to cover the essential elephant facts for kids including elephant diet, habitat and reproduction.

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The elephant's most dangerous predator is the human. ... I found that elephants do not eat peanuts in their natural diet. That is a great question, ...

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Accordingly, temple officials are reconfiguring the diets of their elephants on the advice of veterinary surgeons. "The female temple elephant ...

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Elephants Diet & Eating Habits Diet. Elephants eat between 149 and 169 kg (330-375 lb.) of vegetation daily. Elephants consume several hundred pounds of vegetation daily.

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BVA OVERSEAS TRAVEL GRANT REPORT 2012 Anna Frykfors von Hekkel Dietary requirements of the Asian elephant: An investigation into the diet of six Asian

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Learn about the size, diet, population, range, behavior and other fascinating facts about elephants.

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... Asian Elephant African Elephant There are numerous subspecies of the Asian elephant, ... Diet: What kind of foods the animal eats... Herbivore Size (H):

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Facts & Info About Elephants Increase your knowledge of Facts about the Elephant with some brief, but essential information ...

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Asian elephants are really cool! Saint Louis Zoo. ... solid food becomes an increasing part of their diet as they get older. A young elephant takes a long time ...

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The number of plant taxa (species, genus, family) in elephants' diet each month negatively correlated with monthly rainfall and mean temperature.

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David Hu wanted to know what it'd be like to change an elephant's diaper. ... it took me approximately 15.2 seconds to free myself of part of a Diet Coke.

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Unit study on Elephants. Elephants are plant eaters, or herbivores. Adult elephants eat about 300 pounds of food a day.

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Unit study on Elephants. Elephants are very interesting looking animals. ... Elephant Diet; Elephant Habitats and Competition; Free Online Courses. All About Elephants;

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