What is the french word for world?

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Today I found out the French word for “paperclip” is “trombone”. The word trombone originally comes from the Italian “tromba”, which comes from ... - Read more

... A French soldier walks ... the latest from our weekly series of interactive photographs to mark the centenary of the first world war ... - Read more

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Add this French Word of the Day to YOUR Website! You can add a free French Word of the Day and matching cartoon picture to your website. A new picture will appear for ...

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The French word for “delicious” is délicieux or délicieuse, depending on whether the noun in question is masculine or feminine! How and When to use Délicieux

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The French word for you is used differently than in English. The pronoun 'you' has two forms in French, whereas in English it has but one form.

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What is the french word for cheers? Sante!Here is a great site, that teaches you to toast in lots of languages:http://home.tiscali.dk/mortenl/cheers.html

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What's the French word for German? Here's a list of words you may be looking for.

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French and Italian Dictionaries. WordReference has two of its own dictionaries plus those of Collins. The French dictionary has over 250,000 translations and the ...


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The french flag of the former Meteorological frigate “FRANCE 1″ in La Rochelle, now the musée maritime (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Le Mot du jour Learn a French word a day with le mot du jour. raffiné What does the French word raffiné mean? How is it pronounced and used?

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How Do I Word the Invitations for French Parties?. Party invitations set the tone for the celebration. While the invitation is typically short (less than one page ...

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Newsletter. Keep in touch with the French food world by receiving our monthly newsletter.

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What word can I use to accurately describe brisket of beef in French? I usually go to the butcher with a chart of US beef cuts and point to it but it neer seems to ...

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word - put into words or an expression; ... What's the word for "pen" in French? → Comment dit-on "pen" en français? word for word [repeat] → mot pour mot; ...

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what is the french word for mansion? What is the word for 'stupid' in French? Professionally Researched. What does the French word'touché'mean?

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Magnifique would be the French work for beautiful. Vous ??tes la plus jolie fille que je connais would be you are the prettiest girl I know.read more free on ...

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What is the longest French word? Question #65821. Asked by crazycube. (May 17 06 3:35 AM)

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What is cornmeal? What is cornmeal? Cornmeal is a kind of flour or meal that is made from ground sweet corn. It comes in yellow, white, blue or red varieties ...

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French Dictionary Italian Dictionary ... Match each word in the left column with its synonym on the right. ... Words Within Words

Cookthink Search: What Is The French Word For Cornmeal

What is a legume? What is a legume? Légume is the French word for vegetable. But if you remove the accent, the English word legume refers to thousands of plant ...

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Source: UN World Tourism Organization. France. 83.0. 53.6. 645.8. United States. 67.0. 126.2. 1883.6. China. 57.7. 50.0. 866.6. Spain. 57.7. 55.9. 968.8 ...

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official) NOTE: Although French is spoken in many countries around the world, French is an official language in the following countries.

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Most Common French Words. What are the most common French words? Buying French Supplies. ... Learn a new French word every weekday! Write for About French Language.