What is the infinitive of tired?

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Verbs Followed by Gerunds and Infinitives ... Mary appears to be tired; she must have worked a lot today. ... PLAN: We have planned ... - Read more

Both gerunds and infinitives can be used as the subject or the complement of a sentence. However, as subjects or complements, gerunds usually sound more like normal, ... - Read more

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How and when to use the infinitive | Verbs | English ...

It is + adjective + infinitive + for someone + to-infinitive. ... She was too tired to work. too + adverb + to-infinitive. He arrived too late to see the actors.

to + infinitive - English Grammar | LearnEnglish | British ...

I am really tired. I’m ready to go to bed. ... Do we use full infinitive or bare infinitive after rather than in this pattern ?

Learning English | BBC World Service

It's late and I'm feeling tired. Would you like to ... bare infinitive structures are much less common than to-infinitive structures, but after ...

Gerunds and Infinitives | Learn English

"I'm tired of working on the weekend." "She dreams of winning a gold medal." Infinitives. ... Basically, as you say, the form is make + pronoun + infinitive.

The Infinitive: How and when to use it in English

FUNCTION The most common uses of the infinitive are: To indicate the purpose or intention of an action (where the 'to' has the ...

Gerund or Infinitive - Scribd

Gerund or Infinitive ... about Be sorry about Be interested in => They’re proud of participating in that humanitarian project. => I’m tired of repeating ...


Infinitive of Purpose Exercise - autoenglish.org

INFINITIVE OF PURPOSE (for, to & so that) EXERCISE: ... We went to bed early _____ we wouldn't be tired in the morning. ? for ? to ? so that; You must bring ...

Gerund oder Infinitiv - Grammatik Übungen - Englisch Lernen

Gerund/Gerundium, -ing Form, Infinitiv - Übungen Gerund/Gerundium und Infinitiv Gerund (deutsch - englisch) Gerund und Präpositionen Gerundium oder Infinitiv nach ...

Gerunds and Infinitives Exercise - Michigan Test

Gerunds and Infinitives Page ... I'm really tired of (hear) him complain all the time. 8) Have you ever considered (cut) your hair short?

English Grammar - Verbs after prepositions - ing form ...

INFINITIVES. What is the ... The gerund (-ing form) must be used when a verb comes after a preposition:- against | at | after | by ... I'm tired of hearing excuses.

Erklärung und Verwendung des Infinitivs (Grundform) im ...

Was ist der Infinitiv und wann wird er im Englischen verwendet? ... Sandra is too tired to go out. (Sandra ist zu müde, um auszugehen.) Nach Fragewörtern ...

Gerunds and Infinitives 4 - Perfect English Grammar

Remember + to + infinitive This is when you think of something that you need to do. ... I'm really tired today. She regrets leaving school when she was sixteen.

Gerund & Infinitive [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]

"Shall I use the infinitive to say or the gerund saying ?" I asked my teacher about it but she just said, ... I'm tired of repeating the same thing all the time.

Verb Lists: Infinitives and Gerunds - Commnet

Verbs Followed by an Infinitive She agreed to speak before the game. agree aim appear arrange ask attempt be able beg begin care choose condescend: consent continue ...


It is called the Infinitive. 241. ... He was too tired to go any further. Exercise 75. State how the Infinitive is used in the following sentences: ...

English Test on Infinitive and Gerund - ego4u

Test on Infinitive and Gerund with Evaluation, Level 3. Skip menu. English Grammar Online ... I am tired of . Ellen made me . Before submitting the test, check the ...

The infinitive - SlideShare

I gave him my address so that he could contact me. ... (bare infinitive). I‟m tired. I‟d rather not go out this evening, ...

Learning English | BBC World Service

... can be followed by object + bare infinitive ... I'm tired and I want to go to bed. Let's not be ... Grammar and Vocabulary | Communicate ...

CHAPTER 43 Gerunds, Infinitives, and Participles

... INFINITIVES, AND PARTICIPLES CHAPTER 43 ... be capable of be tired of be committed to be ... (PAST PARTICIPLE of a regular VERB) ...

Infinitives watch - English Video Lessons

Tags : Infinitives video; Description; We use 'infinitive + to': 1. after adjectives, 'nice' , 'happy', 'difficult' etc.: ... He's too tired to win the race.

Gerunds and Infinitive - SlideShare

Gerunds and Infinitive Presentation Transcript. ... He's tired from not getting enough sleep. Subject Complements His hobby is playing computer games.

Which words in the sentence make up the infinitive phrase ...

Which words in the sentence make up the infinitive phrase? While I am too tired today, I do hope to walk to the park tomorrow. A. I do hope to walk B. too tired ...

Participles – English Grammar - Lingolia

Some verbs can be used with either the infinitive or the present participle. ... they were tired. Construction. The perfect participle can be used in both the active ...

List of words followed by a gerund – English Grammar

List of words followed by a gerund. ... tired of; worried about; worth; Nouns ... Infinitive/Gerund; Participles; Phrasal Verbs; Passive Voice;


Posts about THE GERUND AND THE INFINITIVE written by brahim. IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH. Home; Students’corner; video lessons; grammar; ... 8-I am tired of repeating this.

Bare Infinitive - English-Test.net

... bare infinitive is means a verb without to Feel , ... It's late and I'm feeling tired. ... Provided by phpBB ©2001-2014 phpBB Group.

english grammar: to + infinitive - blogspot.com

Infinitives are defined as to + base form of the verb. They have several functions. 1. Used as subjects and subject complements. ... I am really tired.

English Grammar: The Infinitive - blogspot.com

The Indefinite Infinitive expresses an action simultaneous with that expressed by the finite verb. E.g.: ... He is too tired to continue the way.

INFINITIVES AND -ING FORMS - Instituto Bachiller Sabuco

Do you think it's normal for a child to get so tired? C) ... The infinitive with to is used to talk about people's purposes, the reasons why they do things.

Introduction to verbs | e Learn English Language

Introduction to verbs ... In English, verbs have three general forms: the infinitive form, ... She is tired. third person singular of BE ...


Put the verbs in the gerund or the infinitive: 1 _____ is really good fun. (fly) ... 18 We were getting tired, so we stopped_____lunch. (have)

INFINITIVES - University of Washington

An infinitive can be the subject of a sentence, but it is very formal. In more informal situations, ... tired of. upset about. used to. worried about: