What plants do elephants eat?

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But what do elephants eat? This post will answer that question and also tell you some interesting facts about elephants. What Do Elephants Eat? - Read more

Elephants are generally herbivores thus in case your identify is usually Plant stay clear of his or her lip area. Just fooling. The herbivore can be a animal that ... - Read more

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What do elephants eat?

What do elephants eat? Elephants are herbivores, and spend up to 16 hours a day eating plants. Their diet is highly variable, both seasonally and across habitats and ...

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What Do Elephants Eat? Elephants are magnificent creatures who consume massive amounts of food. They are one of the largest land animals that belong to the family ...

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What Do Indian Elephants Eat? Indian elephant are known to cover a wide area of about 1,130 km 2 (440 sq mi). These animals primarily feed on plants, white thorn ...

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You might be wondering as to what do elephants eat! Then, check out the real facts about their dietary habits.

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What do African and Asian elephants eat? ... They eat leaves, soft shoots, woody plants, shrubs and fruits of high growing trees. They will often rip bark off trees.

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I do not know if that is true, but from my understanding I thought elephants ate peanuts.So, what do elephants eat?Elephants are plant-eaters.


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Kindergarten Leveled Reader: Elephants can eat plants. ... BOOK: What do we eat? [PDF version] Sponsor: What Do We Eat? Correlations

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What Do Elephants Eat? Topic List Page "What Do Elephants Eat?" ... What do lions eat that eats plants? Lions will eat a variety of herbivores, including zebras, ...

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What Plants Do African Elephants Eat? | eHow Elephants look for forage that is dense in nutrition when food sources are slim, and ... What Do ...

How much do elephants eat and drink?

How much do elephants eat and drink? from Frequently asked questions about elephants and Dan Koehl´s answers since 1995.

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How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. We all know the saying, but we often fail to apply this lesson in our lives.

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... “Do elephants eat hamburgers? ... An elephant making sure he eats just the right plant foods to get just the right combo of proteins. I don’t think so.


"Plants don't eat elephants". "Yes, they do", said the Turtle. "No", said the Engineer, "It's the. POEM: Plants Eat Elephants by Paul Hartal Home; Poets; Poems; Lyrics;

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0:32 Do elephants eat people? by thefierrofamily5 1,005 views; 4:01 Elephants Eating Hay at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, 2009 by Kevin Hogan 4,706 views;

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How do Plants Get Food? Plants get their food in two ways, via photosynthesis, and by absorbing it through their roots. The majority of a plants food comes from ...

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http://amzn.to/1fNkff3 Elephants eat what ... of high growing plants after all. Intriguingly, for elephants to ... Elephants Do Eat With Their ...

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The large leaves of elephant ears make them valuable ornamental plants.

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... "Do elephants eat hamburgers?" As you know, ... "Do elephants have to mix and match plant foods to get a 'complete protein'?" Oh, yeah, right.

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What Do Elephants Eat Though one might have heard of wild elephants chasing tigers, but it is only for security purposes and not for