What should I major in?

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Written by Linda May Grobman, ACSW, LSW To prepare to be a professional social worker, you should major in...social work! An accredited bachelor's or master's degree ... - Read more

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What field of study best matches your strengths? ... You have a difficult assignment to complete. How do you get it done? Take your time to mull it over.

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What Should I Major In? Get the answer to this and many more questions about college.

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A degree in event planning? Ha! Major in hospitality. Some jobs in hotel management and restaurant management will open up to you as well and event planning can ...

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What should I major in?. Social Worker jobs forums. ... MSW in May 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia said: Are you already fluent in Spanish?

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What Should I Major In? The Major Much of the confusion in being a premedical student comes from the fact that there is no premedical major, per se.


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Should I major in music? Does it make sense to spend the next four years of my life plus all that tuition to study music in college?

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College Majors and Your Personality Related Articles. College Major Quiz; Major League Ballparks Quiz ... When Should You Study? Taking Lecture Notes; Most Popular.

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Anesthesiologist Major. Because an anesthesiologist is a physician, prospective students must receive the formal medical education required of all doctors and physicians.

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I am in a situation. I am not sure if I should MAJOR in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION OR ACCOUNTING. My school (University of Arkansas at Fort Smith) offers Business ...

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Do psychology majors really need a minor? Here are some tips to decide how to choose a minor and if an academic minor is right for you.

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Hi, I'm a student at the University of Southern Maine, and am considering Forensic Psychology as a career. Since grad school in general is competitive,

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I'm so frustrated!! I really want to know what I should major in, but my options are so broad, it confuses me even more. My interests are basically everything!

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An online "informational interview" for college students, new graduates, and career changers interested in knowing what a job in publishing is like and how ...

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One of the most stressful decisions you have to make during your college years is picking your major. At most schools, this decision has to be set in stone by the end ...

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Are you still deciding on a major? That's OK! You are not alone! It is okay to start college and not have a clue about what you want to study.

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"What should the major problem is most likely eliminate the spirit of each student, after the transition to high school. Majoring object is to specialize in a ...

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I’m a college student in my second semester and I still can’t decide what I want to major in. My major is currently “undecided.” I want to choose a major that ...

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At some point, while going to college or back to college or attending college, it will be time to choose a major. When should I pick my major?

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After receiving numerous emails titled “What should I major in” from readers about to apply for college, I asked Kevin to provide an informative post on the subject.