What type is Tyranitar?

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Tyranitar is a Rock/Dark-type Pokémon. It evolves from Pupitar starting at level 55, which... - Read more

Information . Tyranitar is a Rock and Dark type Pokémon. Tyranitar is a large dinosaur-like Pokémon. The couple of fangs in the upper and lower jaws, and the ... - Read more

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Pokédex entry for #248 Tyranitar containing stats, moves learned, evolution chain, location and more!

Tyranitar - Game Stats & Species and Type Info

Find and compare Tyranitar with the rest of the Pokédex by stats, abilities and more

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What type of Pokemon is Tyranitar? Tyranitar is... Find the full answer at FindTheBest.com

Tyranitar (Pokémon) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven ...

No other Pokémon has the same type combination as Tyranitar. Tyranitar shares its species name with Donphan. They are both known as the Armor Pokémon.

Tyranitar | Pokédex - Pokémon

Type. Rock; Dark; Weaknesses. Fighting ... EX Team Rocket Returns - Dark Tyranitar 20/109. HS—Unleashed - Tyranitar 26/96. EX Unseen Forces - Tyranitar ex 111/144.

Tyranitar - Pokémon Wiki - Neoseeker

Tyranitar (バンギラス) is the 251st Pokémon in the Johto Pokédex. It is a Rock/Dark-Type, and is known as the Armor Pokémon. Tyranitar uses the Sand Stream ...


Tyranitar - Pokedex - Marriland - Marriland.com - Pokémon ...

Type Category ... I just evolved one of my pupitar today and tyranitar is probley 2 to 3x as powerful than pupitar

Tyranitar (anime) - The Pokémon Wiki

Tyranitar is a rock/dark-type Pokémon who appeared many times through out the anime. Biography...

Tyranitar - Black / White - Pokedex - Marriland

Type Category ... I just evolved one of my pupitar today and tyranitar is probley 2 to 3x as powerful than pupitar

Pupitar (Pokémon) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven ...

Type Cat. Pwr. ... Both are dinosaur-like tokusatsu movie monsters that share some characteristics with Tyranitar, its evolution. In other languages.

Poke-Amph - Tyranitar - Heart Gold Soul Silver PokeDex

TM # Name: Type: Power: Accuracy: Style: TM 01: Focus Punch: 150: 100%: TM 02: Dragon Claw: 80: 100%: TM 03: Water Pulse: 60: 100%: TM 05: Roar-100%: TM 06: Toxic-85% ...

Tyranitar - Pokemon Tower Defense Wiki

Tyranitar is a large, bipedal, dinosaurian Pokémon with a green, ... Type Category Power Cooldown Duration Accuracy Effect % - Fire Fang: 65 18 - 95% 10%

Tyranitar vs. Other Rock Type - Bulbagarden Forums

Tyranitar, definetly. Although there are some good ones out there, I still like Tyranitar's design and such far more than the others.

Pokemon Card of the Day: Tyranitar ex (EX Dragon Frontiers ...

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Tyranitar ex from the EX Dragon set. First off you'll notice that Tyranitar is an electric type Pokemon, this is because ...

Anime Showdown Wiki - Species Profile - Tyranitar

Diet: Primarily carnivorous, though will also readily consume numerous types of berries and processed ingredients. ... Tyranitar's primary special ability.

Tyranitar - Pokemon #248 in the National Pokemon Pokedex

Tyranitar is a Pokemon that is listed in the Pokemon Pokedex and can be found in several Pokemon video ... Tyranitar Pokemon Type, Egg Group, Height, Weight, and Gender.

Tyranitar - What does TTar stand for? - TheFreeDictionary

Acronym Definition; TTAR: Training Task Analysis Report: TTAR: The Tutorial and Review (website) TTar: Tyranitar (Pokémon number 248)

How to Get Tyranitar in "HeartGold" | eHow

How to Get Tyranitar in "HeartGold". Tyranitar is a powerful Rock/Dark-type Pokemon that resembles a large dinosaur in the Nintendo DS video game "Pokemon HeartGold."

Pokemon Paradijs - Pokedex (Pokédex): Tyranitar

Pokemon Paradijs - Pokédex: Tyranitar ... TM Aanval Type Categorie; TM01: Focus Punch: Fighting: Physical: TM02: Dragon Claw: Dragon

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Who's your bet ? who's better ? I think Big-T or Tyranitar is better because its type is super-effective against Dragonite's type. give ur thoughts ...

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For Pokemon Diamond Version on the DS, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "What is the best strategy for Tyranitar?".

What is Tyranitar? - Pokémon Answers

Tyranitar. Number: 248 Type: Rock/ Dark Evolves from: Pupitar Evolves into: None Tyranitar, Bangiras (バンギラス, Bangirasu?) in original Japanese language ...

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This set is meant to bait out and eliminate many of Tyranitar's top counters. Since the types of Pokemon used to check Tyranitar are rather predictable, this ...

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This also works in reverse; Keldeo and other Fighting-types appreciate Tyranitar's ability to annihilate Latios and Latias, and in turn, ...