What type of conductor is promethium?

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Energy moving through the medium of a conductor ... The elements of the Periodic Table are also an artifact of ... writing and presenting this type of ... - Read more

... health and environmental effects of mercury. ... It is a rather poor conductor of heat if compared with other metals but it is a fair conductor ... Promethium ... - Read more

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This type of bond is called a metallic bond ... A precious metal is a rare metallic chemical element of high economic value. ... Metals are good conductors, ...

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Technical data for Promethium Click any property name to see plots of that property for all the elements. ... Electrical Type: Conductor: Electrical Conductivity:

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Conductor: Promethium: Conductor: Mendelevium: N/A: Titanium: Conductor: Samarium: Conductor: ... Notes on the Electrical Type of particular elements: Carbon: Value ...

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These 92 elements have four major types: ... excellent conductors of electricity and heat, ... Elements 41 to 82, except for promethium and technetium, ...

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The Chemical Elements ... very hard and a poor conductor at room temperature). 56. Ba. Barium. 137. ... Promethium is a radioactive element, ...

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What Types Of Information Do Chemist Use To Arrange ... praseodymium, neodymium, promethium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium ... are semi- conductors.


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... Types of Bonds; CELL MEMBRANE; ... good conductors of electricity form colourful compounds ... Promethium Samarium Europium Gadolinium Terbium