When do the electors vote?

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... thousands of New Zealanders become eligible to enrol to vote for the first time, ... or you can contact your local Registrar of Electors. How do I vote? ... - Read more

The 24 states that do have requirements issue a variety of punishments for faithless ... was the first Elector to vote for a candidate other than the one he was ... - Read more

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The Electoral Register - Information for Electors ...

... (which is also known as the register of electors, ... remain on the register and do not lose their ability to vote at a ... Students may register to vote at ...

How to vote - Merton Council - London Borough of Merton

You can only vote if you are on a register of electors. ... You do not need your poll card to vote, but you do have to be a registered elector.

Does my vote count? Understanding the electoral college

... the framers of the Constitution decided that the states should do the voting, not the people. ... Electors were to vote for two candidates for president.

Faithless elector - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

... specify that the faithless elector's vote is void. ... Electors do not have to vote for the candidate who received the most votes in any particular state.